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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween from the Mad King
Yeah, Luke got me to play Guild Wars again today to show me the Mad King. He is the awesome. One of the coolest looking characters I've seen. He spends about a half hour on this whole schick, handing out goodies when you do what he wants and killing you if you don't. It's really great. Kudos go to the GW developers for that one.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Car Update
Got my car back last night. It works much better now, especially since most of the engine is now new. But it's supposed to be very very nice. My dad is a mechanic and he was quite impressed with how tight the tolerances in the engine are and how solidly it's built. It sure is nice to have my own car back. Which is a feeling I'm willing to bet my brother shares. Thanks again, brother!

Sadly, I don't have my new glasses yet. Once I've got those, I'll attach a nice picture to go with my profile. The problem is that the lenses had a flaw or something. They didn't pass the quality inspection at the optometrist's, so they sent them back. With any luck I'll be able to get them this coming weekend.

Halloween Party
Whew. Last night was the big Halloween shindig for my friends and I. I was going to do Gordon Freeman of Half-Life, but with all the stuff for classes I didn't have time to actually get the costume together properly. So I went with my backup instead and pulled the stylish vampire again. I was missing the makeup, but I did have my fangs. I'll post pictures up later of the party, once I get them off my camera. The other thing was that the last of the guys to turn 21 did so last night. So we went out to a bar also. I'd have been fine if I hadn't had that terrible Long Island Iced Tea mix thing before we went. However, it made my stomach very angry. The sad thing though is that while I was very drunk, and Jason was as drunk as one's 21st birthday deserves, everybody else was the most inebriated they've ever been. I would get the wrong end of a rake in a random oriface to say much more, just note that there are photos that will not ever see the light of day. Also, I can be quite evil when I've been drinking. I have to wonder what some of the fallout will be, assuming there is any. And let's hope I feel fully human again soon.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Semper Nox Noctis: Memoirs of the Overalpha
The lycanthropes, the wolves in particular, of the city in which the base world of Semper Nox Noctis is set are more or less ruled by the Overalpha, Alec Fletcher. These are short stories told from his perspective of the world he is a part of.

Warning: Some strong language and suggestive subject matter

So I'm sitting in Le Petit Chat, a gentleman's club in the cat's quarter of the city. It's a nice place to drink, and the girls were pretty enough that the club could even pull pure bloods and vamps in. Pretty impressive, but the cats were always a lot better at bringing people together. Considering that they don't have the pack mentality of us wolves, that might be counterintuitive, but I've noticed wolf packs become mobs all too quickly. So I'm watching this cute little lep sliding on a pole so smoothly it's like she's part snake instead of cat. ["lep" is Fletcher's abbreviation of wereleopard -- ed.] She's been watching me back. Maybe she's got a thing for long tongues and pointed muzzles; I know I've always had one for spots. Then I hear a commotion going on farther down the stage. I throw my glance reluctantly away from the lithe beauty. The scent hits me just before my eyes can take the scene. Damn. A couple of wolves are harrassing one of the dancers. Obviously having some trouble with the "no touching" rule. Stupid SOBs. They're new bloods, obviously. New bloods always have problems remembering that they aren't in charge, that their new strength doesn't mean they can do what they want. I sigh. Looks like I'll have to remind them. And fast; before this becomes a fully fledged scene. Orion and I didn't spend the last two years getting lycanthropes accepted by the pures to let this sort of shit go on.
I set my drink down and stand up. There's a firm pressure on my shoulder. I look up to see Jacques. Jacques owns Le Chat. He's the biggest, nastiest tabby I know. [Fletcher refers to weretigers as "tabbys" -- ed.] Jacques and I have become friends over the years, and there's few beings I'd less like to get into a straight fight with.
"Sit down, Fletcher," he says.
"Jacques, these are wolves. The bastards are my responsiblity."
"Not in my club, Fletcher. You're a paying customer. You relax. I'll handle them. Don't you cause a scene, Fletcher. I'd hate to have to throw the Overalpha out." I sit back down. I'm not going to argue with Jacques. He's got a point. So I let him handle it.
"Your call, Jacques. But I'll be right here if you need a hand." Jacques just laughs. If he needs help, the pistol I've got is the only thing that will be involved. There aren't many wolves ballsy enough to carry silver bullets. But I've had to put down too many of my own kind to be without them. You don't get to be Overalpha and weigh a hundred pounds less than most wolves unless you're willing to break some new ground.
Jacques heads over to the troublemakers. I can't hear the conversation over the music, but I think he started out polite. Then Jacques threw one on the table and dislocated his shoulder. I smile. Jacques is practically the bouncer of his own club. He's all it needs. Jacques lets go. The young wolf stands and pops his shoulder back in place, grimacing. They talk a little more. Judging by their expressions, this isn't a friendly conversation. Then the whole lot of them walk out the door. Looks like Jacques talked them into leaving. He follows them out. I finish my beer and throw some more money at the lep on the stage. She's a good dancer, she deserves it. Probably putting herself through college. I'm half done with my next drink by the time Jacques comes back in.
Jacques has gone full on tabby. He's somewhere around eight feet tall now. And blood's soaking his fur up to his elbows. But there's not a scratch on him. I smile again. Jacques is a helluva fighter. A lot better than a young wolf's gonna think. Idiots generally assume cats are weaker than they are. Just goes to show how foolish assumptions are. As Jacques walks by my table, he tells me, "Those boys won't be coming around here anymore. Don't worry about them, Fletcher." Then he heads inside his office. When he reemerges, he's cleaned up and back in his sportscoat, looking almost human. So when he sits at my table, I just have to ask.
"You didn't kill them did you, Jacques?"
"No, Fletcher, they all lived through the lesson. But I'm pretty sure they got some broken limbs out of the deal. They won't forget the rules when they're in somebody else's club. And they'll never be back here again. I'd be surprised to see them in this quarter." I laugh. Jacques can be very persuasive when he wants to be.
"Good. That keeps me from having to do anything terrible to them."
"You shouldn't have to worry, Fletcher," Jacques smiles. "Oh, and before I forget. Layla wants to have a word with you." He flicks his eyes toward the pole, just so I couldn't possibly misunderstand who he was talking about and points back to the door into the back, where the office and the dressing rooms are.
"Thanks for passing that on, Jacques. It would be a pity to keep her waiting." I smile back. This night is looking up.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Approaches: Eyes of Amber
I have an affinity for werewolves. That is to put it lightly. To ask me about the werewolf mythos I have designed is to invite yourself into an hour long dissertation. Sapph tells me he wants to run the new Werewolf game by White Wolf tomorrow. If he does manage to pull it off, it'll be the first of that game that I have played. My mythos is distinctly different. It bears influences from Laurell K. Hamilton, but I have not read enough of her work (two whole books) to take too much from it. I'm developing a pen-and-paper roleplaying game based on my monstrous mythos (one of my friends likened it to Vampire: The Masquerade with one important difference: the masquerade has been dropped). If anyone out there actually knows Latin and can tell me if Semper Nox Noctis (my working title) is redundant, please do so. Anyway, I may let slip portions of my mythos in these posts for the holiday, so be prepared. And now for the point of the post (yep, all the above is fluff). In honor of the upcoming Halloween, here's a poem I wrote last year. Sure, it's a little (or more than a little) dark, but lycanthropy isn't exactly a laughing matter. When you turn into a beast, ruled by base passions, and all you know is hunger, rage, and lust, you'll understand.

Eyes of amber in the night,
Watching blood flow, red and bright,
Fangs as razors, darkly stained,
Rending flesh, its lifeblood drained,
Call to the moon and stake your claim,
Just for tonight, forget your name.
Think not of what you leave behind,
As Beast and monster take your mind.
-- BR, October 2004

Hope you liked the picture
I hope everybody liked the picture. Because I guess there will be more coming. When is anybody's guess. Sapph has informed me that I will be doing one of him. He wants it just a slight adjustment to the text and make it "Beware of Wolfboy," but I think I can come up with something more stylish. I don't have it yet, but it's not a big deal, since I haven't put pencil to paper either. I'd also like to do one of Av in full technomancer mode, even with the technomantric aura glowing visibly behind him, with the text "The Power of C Compiles You," a phrase coined by Luke that I find hilarious. But I suppose the comic should come before I do more side projects like that. If only school would cooperate. Leave some comments, let me know what you think. If anybody can offer a really clever statement for an anime-style wolfboy, I'll borrow it and give you credit.

The Scary Man Cooks
Sorry for the big gap there. School's doing its level best to grind me beneath its bootheels. Let's just say that I probably should be working on homework even now, but my brain is about to melt and pour out of my skull, so I'm just going to put it off until tomorrow. My car should be fixed now, but exactly what happens this weekend is up in the air. I have to get my car, but I'm still hoping that my new glasses will come in. If they do, then I'll go home and get them on Saturday. We'll see; so far I haven't heard anything.

I'm rather proud of myself today. I developed a new recipe, and it actually was edible. I'm going to be tweaking it until I get it just where I want it, but it's essentially beef teriyaki stir-fry on chow mein noodles. It was actually quite good stuff, especially since I made it by putting random things in the pan at proportions that I felt were reasonable. I'm going to be making it again sometime, so my friends who read this might want to pester me about cooking it for them sometime. It would make my day. So that's what the title of the post comes from. Well, sort of. Actually, it's what one of my friend Luke's online friends asked incredulously after he told them. This person doesn't know me, and simply refers to me as "the scary man" based on me walking by Luke's webcam once. Not that I know anything about them either, apart from the fact they like to call me "the scary man." I make a big deal out of this because it entertains me. But regardless, yes, the scary man does indeed cook. And he does a reasonable job at it too. At least I didn't invent a new aid to induce vomiting anyway.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Deviant Paradigm: Beware of Catgirl
I've got something special for everybody. Now available is a little thing that I made to hang on my door, rendered unto you in convenient background sizes (I don't think you want the original 4000x3000 size, it's pretty massive). This features a character who hasn't appeared in the comic yet, but she's coming, don't worry. Of course, that assumes that you want to see another feliniod, and a classical catgirl at that, in the comic. And that assumes you even care about the comic. I'm going to stick with my assumptions though. Otherwise I'll get all depressed. *grin* Anyway, here's the image.
Beware of Catgirl!
Beware of Catgirl Thumbnail

Sunday, October 23, 2005

State of the Comic
Well... I don't have the next comic drawn yet, at all. Sadly, school projects keep coming in a nonstop barrage, and, quite frankly, they get precidence. Though I do have something for you guys. It's not quite done yet, it's pending final artistic approval from Sapph, whose judgement I trust in these matters. The comic I don't care so much about, so I can do it on my own, but for this I want his input on what needs tweaked. It's actually a poster for my door, but I'll provide it in standard resolutions and pretend it's a background. Don't know if it'll interest anyone, but I'll make it available. I'll provide more details when it's online.

Spycraft 2.0
This last weekend saw us playing Spycraft 2.0 again. I enjoyed this game much more (part of the reason we're playing this is that the guys want me to change to 2.0 for the second season of my campaign). That could be because I was able to play something other than a soldier. I liked the character concept, but I really prefer to be able to do things. I like to play high dexterity, high intelligence, high charisma characters. I talk, I shoot, and I have skills. This time I got to do most of these things (we actually avoided doing shooting, which was good, since we were in the middle of a batch of werewolves). I was playing a MiB, one who was supposed to be creepy. So I went all out and played him like the G-Man from Half-Life, complete with the disconcerting vocal mannerisms. If my die hadn't decided it was time to punish me (that was the coldest my 20-sider has ever been, I got four whole rolls that were larger than eight), I wouldn't have been able to complain at all. Heck, we managed to plant a corpse in a guy's apartment and I roleplayed some very creepy conversations with our target so well that the rest of the party insisted the GM provide me with action dice for it. I want to do an interrogation with him. That would be much fun. I'm still not totally sold on some of the game mechanics, but I actually approve of the way they do the skills now. Normally I'd complain about them reducing the number of skills (I like to claim that D&D 4th ed will have three skills, Talking, Thinking, and Doing, and 5th ed will have one, √úberschnozen, which does, and means, anything), but they did it logically and each skill actually uses one of two attributes for different applications, pratically doubling the number of skills. The jury's still out in my mind, but it's looking more promising. Maybe I'll be able to reach a decision after I've held the books for more than two hours of total time (most of which was spent in gear, gearing my characters up).

Saturday, October 22, 2005

So I just happen to be at work, where I'm without my beloved IE7. (Ironic that I work as a developer and don't have the developer's version of the browser at work, but I do at home.) So I use Firefox because I'm now addicted to tabbed browsing and decide I need to post to the blog. And Firefox decides it's going to throw a fit about posting. So I then look at the blog. And weep. I hate that stupid garbage browser. Firefox interprets CSS so rediculously poorly that my blog looks insane. Horribly borked. So it'll be down to me to try to fix the thing so that it's cross-browser compatible, just so that the 8% and shrinking amount of Internet users that use the stupid thing. Let me tell you, I take no secret joy from the fact that Firefox, which endless numbers of people I know kept harping on me to switch to ("Why do you, smart as you are, keep using that MS piece of crap browser?", etc, etc), is now the industry leader in both vulnerabilities and exploits discovered. No, my joy isn't secret at all. Guess who's "security via obsurity" just wore off? I wonder if this will cause a mass migration away from it. Probably not until IE7 hits public beta or goes live. Tabbed browsing is too useful to give up, and most people don't want to download extra extensions to add it to IE. But this leaves me with the question, do I blame Blogspot for not being fully Firefox compatible, the girl who came up with the template I'm using for not writing her CSS to work with Firefox at all, or the Firefox developers for making a browser that refuses to do intelligent interpretation of HTML? Well, I'm not blaming the girl that made the template. It's a really cool template, she's got a lot of talent, and I can't see where Firefox is managing to misinterpret the CSS so that the page background isn't black. The positional stuff that I did, maybe. I know Firefox has a very odd way of handling relative positioning. But the body background? That's their fault. And since I can already attribute that to Firefox, why blame Blogspot for the browser not posting to the blog properly? It's probably the browser's fault anyway again. So Firefox developers...Why do you hate humanity? Why must you join Macromedia and the cURL guy in an evil coalition to destroy all that we hold dear? (I'll rant about those guys and how much they hate humanity later).

Honestly, there is one thing that I really do like about Firefox. Their Javascript console is excellent. It's actually useful and tells you what precisely is wrong, which is much more than I can say about IE's. Though it sure would be nice to know if the Javascript was broken without opening the Javascript console. You know, like how IE shows that little broken page warning thing in the lower left corner? But of course, we wouldn't want to do anything like Microsoft, regardless of the value of the idea. After all, Firefox = Open Source, therefore Microsoft = Bad. *sigh*

-- UPDATE 10:20 PM Oct. 22, 2005 --
Well, screw this. Those of you with Firefox are stuck. Anytime a bit of software simply won't listen when I tell it something, that's a pretty good indication of write-off crapware. Oh, and look, NOTHING I DO makes Firefox actually change the widths of the table cells from the totally arbitrary values it's chosen. So you guys are screwed by your "more standards compliant" browser. Though you can effectively forget that boast, being as it totally ignores any and all (including CSS) instructions regarding widths. I got you a black background, but to make any other changes are going to screw things up for the rest of us who use IE, which looks decent. That means you small minority folks are out of luck unless one of you has any useful suggestions. If there's something I haven't tried and you can figure it out, I'll make the changes, but there are an awful lot of more important and less frustrating things for me to spend my time on than trying to wrestle Firefox into displaying my webpage as I intend.

Further Car Issues
Well, from what I hear, my car was making funny noises due to the pistons. The new parts are in, but they're not in the car, not yet anyway. So I don't get my car back until sometime this next week. Which is bad because my brother needs his car back Monday. So I might very well be without transportation this next week. The brother will have to make his decision as to if he will take the car and drop me back off in Omaha, or just use the car while I am at work and let me continue to borrow the car. Once he decides, I'll know if I'm stuck in the dorm room for a week (at least then I'll have time to do homework), or if I'll still be able to come in to work. I'll keep you all appraised.

-- UPDATE 3:20 PM Oct. 22, 2005 --
Well, from the sound of things, the brother's girlfriend has a big test on Monday, which is their year anniversary. So they decided to celebrate today instead, and she's driving her car. This means that I can keep borrowing his car for the time being. Good news at least. Though I hope I can get my car back shortly.

-- UPDATE 4:37 PM Oct. 22, 2005 --
Hmm... Just thought of something. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get really lucky, and my new glasses will be ready at the end of the week and I can run down Saturday and get both my car and my glasses. That would be very cool.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Whew. Just got through beating FEAR on moderate difficulty, striding through a small army of clone troops with my twin pistols, Phobos and Deimos, Fear and Panic, thundering angrily from my fists. It's not a terribly long game, probably only 10 hours, but the atmosphere is perfect, the story is excellent (and amazing for an FPS), the level design is terrific, and the ending is exactly the way it should be for a good horror movie/story/game. My one question: What happened to Jankowski? His fate was left rather unresolved. Maybe the bonus features will mention it. I wish the game didn't need such power to run it. Xotz (my computer) isn't quite high-end anymore, but he's a decent machine, and I had to cut a lot of features to pull even an acceptable framerate. I wish I could see the game at full bore. But if you've got the computing capability, I highly recommend the game. Maybe next time I'll try playing as a ninja, using only melee attacks except against the big things. *grin*

EDIT -- 12:56 AM Oct 21, 2005 --
And Alma. Don't touch the creepy little girl! She's very pissed off. Touching her is bad!

"I don't understand...The dead are supposed to stay dead."
Picked up my copy of FEAR: Director's Cut today. It is excellent. Very nice atmosphere. I appreciate that the demo and the game are actually different (level design-wise). I still like the gun balance, especially now that they added the ability to do akimbo pistols, which puts the pistol from my least favorite to my most favorite weapon. Nothing like going SloMo, pop a guy with one shot and listening to his buddies shout (all in slow motion) "We've got a sniper!" There's only one big problem with the game. I don't have time to play it. I should be doing homework. FEAR is making that hard. There are all the little things to appreciate. The way the bad guys take cover, left their weapons over their heads and fire at you. The way you can actually see your body when you look down. The creepy music. The fact that the baddies are horrifyingly good with their grenades. And the lighting effects are put to very good, and quite creepy, use. I am impressed Monolith. You haven't been wasting time. I do, however, despise those stupid robot walker things with the huge missile racks. They are very unpleasant. Until I post again, watch out for those creepy little girls.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not the Greatest Weekend
Well, I'm back at my home away from home. This has not been the most relaxing of breaks. I mean, I'm used to all the professors deciding that "break" translates to "more time to do homework." I'm not happy about being buried under a pile of it, but I'm at least used to it. No, that's not what made this break irritating and disappointing. What did that was the little things. I couldn't get my hair highlighted (which I was going to try out and see what it looked like... Maybe I can get it done this weekend at the mall or something), and we (my friends and I) couldn't get any time scheduled at the shooting range that we'd be able attend. So we'll have to find some other night to go out there. That's really annoying because I've been trying to head out there for weeks. I'm a bit (understatement) of a Colt 1911 fan and I want to actually handle one.

Oh, and then there's the big thing. My car has been making this stacatto ticking sound. Now it has been diagnosed as a "low engine knock." This means that a rod is quite possibly going out. So rather than have the car explode on me while I'm driving the 45 minutes each way to and from work down the Interstate, I'm borrowing my brother's car this week in hopes that mine can be fixed. When my choices are "fix it now at significant expense", "trade it in at even more significant expense when you don't have any time to do car shopping", and "wait until it explodes, then get it hauled to a dealer and have them fix it at possibly more significant expense," I'm kind of in a bad situation. With any luck I'll have it back this weekend. At least I'd better. My brother needs his car back on Monday.

Sometimes my life feels like this (don't worry, this tongue-in-cheek is as whiney as I get. If this turns into an emo livejournal, you all have permission to put me out of my, and your, misery. If it comes to that, please do it with excessive violence.):

"Welcome back to Hell, sir. I hope you enjoyed your brief vacation."
"Oh, immensely, Iblis. So, what sort of tortures do you rounded up for me today?"

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Wolf Within
There is a reason why this blog is called "The Wolf Within." It's a reference to something that should be fairly evident from my last post. I hold within myself a raging air of violence. That is the wolf within me. I can usually keep it concentrated on those who deserve its ire. Later, when I'm back at my own computer at school, I'll post up something that concerns it and its nature. Keep that in mind, regarding my rants. They will tend to be angry ones. And I will comment on anything that particularly grabs my attention. I tend to know a little about almost everything, but I will admit when I am out of my depth and don't know enough for intelligent conversation. But if all the information you know about something comes from Wikipedia, neither do you, so try to get actual knowledge before you engage me in a debate (no offense to anyone *grin*). Oh, and I'll rant about Wikipedia later.

Time for some "Cultural Restructuring"
Now this is just plain insane.

If they actually think that this bastard is "less culpable" for this atrocity because of his cultural background, it's time to go in and forcibly alter that background.
Mr Odgers said the new evidence showed that he had a disease, which,
combined with alcohol and the cultural conditioning of "a society with very
traditional views of women", was "clearly a factor in the commissioning of these
"The applicant was a cultural time bomb," Mr Odgers said. "It was
almost inevitable that something like this would happen. His culpability is
lessened because of that combination."

Seriously. I don't care where you come from. You don't do that sort of thing. Especially not in a civilized country like Austraila. Take my comment however you like to regard the civilization or lack thereof of any place that allows SOBs to do things like what Mr. MSK and his brothers did. They deserve the law to come down square on top of them, and they should thank Allah that they didn't try this with my daughter (if I had one) or I would have sent them packing to whatever form of hell Muslims believe in (that's a point I happen to be ignorant of, but I am reasonably certain there is a hell in Islam, I just don't know what it is). I have no pity for this sort of human garbage. I don't blame their defense attorney. He's just trying to do the best he can to do his job and protect these worthless excuses for monsters that call themselves human. But them... I don't care if you're bloody insane (which MSK is not; the courts have determined him as sane more than once), I don't care if you're an alcoholic, and I don't care if you're Muslim, Christian, Hindi, Jewish, et al. You do something like what these three personages did, and you deserve the most ruthless forms of punishment the law can dish out. There are no excuses. The time for excuses ended when you commited the deed. Express remorse, repent, and maybe you can redeem yourselves. But don't ever try to excuse your behavior. What's wrong is wrong. And if you think your culture gives you some excuse, it's time for humanity to redefine your 'culture' as savagery, and 'uplift' you (as we would say in sci-fi). That said, I find it exceptionally hard to believe that Pakistan is accepting of gang rape, regardless of the "traditional" views of women (my "traditional" view of women regards them as equals... Sounds to me like these guys need new traditions). I'm certain that Pakistani law also takes a dim view of the actions of these fellows. So don't try blaming your culture, bub. I don't buy it. It's a weaker excuse than "following orders," and there were a lot of evil men who were executed using that excuse.

It should be obvious that I'm no multiculti. I view some things as evil. And there is no excuse for evil.

New Glasses
One of the things scheduled for my Fall Break was an eye exam. Big surprise, they're getting worse. *grin* But I am getting whole new glasses, including new frames, this time. These old frames are just too narrow for my head. This time I'm thinking squarish frames, since that would be different than what I'm used to. If you want to stop me, better call me now! I decide tomorrow.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fall Break
I've gone home for fall break. It's only a three hour drive, so it's not too far away, but it does get tiring to be on the road that long, especially after getting to bed around 4 AM last night. One of the guys wanted to run a Spycraft 2.0 last night, so we did that. Most Fridays I run a Spycraft game with my friends playing members of a global conspiracy, much like the conspiracy theorists' Illuminati (down to the Rule of Five). It's really an excuse to play Spycraft where they don't have to be the good guys all the time. I've been thinking of writing up the mods I've ran and posting them so others could play them and see how they turn out. Still deciding though. That would take up valuable time.

I got a great surprise when I got home though. One of my friends from the high school days (though he's a couple years younger than I am), was home from the Navy, where he's studying Nuclear Engineering. He's heading back early tomorrow morning, but it was very cool to see him for the hour or so he was around. It's been way too long since I've seen him.

Anyhow, that's it for this one. I'll try to keep posting up while I'm at home. I guess it depends on how much free time I end up with. You might even get a fully fledged rant out of me. But not right now. I'm too tired to summon up enough towering rage. *grin*

Friday, October 14, 2005

New Comic - 10/14/05
Well, I've got that comic finished up and posted. Go ahead and check it out.

Sorry there's no joke to this one, it's just establishing more of what's going on.

Mid-October Comic Status Update
Well, I figure I'll make the first real post on this thing a status report on the comic. As anyone who reads the comic (okay, sure there isn't anyone like that, but anyway...) knows, I missed September's update, after managing a couple months worth of monthly updates. Sorry about that all. As I mentioned before, my friend Sapph has been trying to teach me actual artistic ability, and it has had some effect. The problem comes from the fact that I can't figure out how I need to draw Luke's hair now. So I've moved things around a little bit. The comic that I'm working on was supposed to come right after the next look at Jonathan and Luke, and instead comes before. I'm coloring it now. It would have been done earlier, but I needed help from Sapph as to how to easily outline things in Photoshop. The bastard has me drawing and scanning these things in now. At least, I did for this one, because I was getting desperate about the comic, had a little free time, and wasn't in front of my computer.

If you're really curious about why the comic isn't put out on even a weekly, or for that matter, even slightly regular, basis, allow me to explain what I am and do. First, I'm wildly ambitious, lazy, and not a great artist, so working on the comic seems like work to me. That makes me kind of avoid it for fun things when I've actually got spare time. The other issue is that I'm a senior in Computer Engineering and Computer Science (which is why I claim the title 'Technomancer'.) Just for engineering, you have to be rather masochistic. The program is designed to grind you into the ground and devour any time you have, leaving you with no life outside of the bounds of your computer design projects. So I start with very little time, and waste what I have. No excuses there, this is all my own fault, but that's the reasons if anyone wanted to know.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

And So It Begins...
And so, drunken debauchery inspired yet another blog to be created. Once I'm done apologizing to my stomach and liver, I might find time to apologize to the world.

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