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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dear Santa Claus
Dear Santa Claus, with Christmas so near;
I thought I would tell you what I want this year.

I am not so foolish to ask for world peace,
But how about some gun jams in the Middle East?
For all of mankind I will ask for good cheer,
If that is too much, we'd settle for decent beer.
Fill up your sack with dreams and laughter,
In this world, such things are much sought after.

Bring to my family nothing but happiness,
Though you can mix in good fortune, I guess.
My friends need a shoulder in hard times;
But don't bring them that -- they can borrow mine.
Instead, give them their secret wishes;
And fun with family and tasty Christmas dishes.

These dour strangers could use some whimsy;
Instead of coal, when you drop down their chimney.
Take joy to the children all over the place;
For Christmas is no time for a frown on one's face.
Love and companionship for all to hold.
I hope that's not too much; they need it though.
Toys are fun that fades, so give friends to the young.
Ones who'll be there when the last song's sung.

Smiles and hugs should be in every stocking,
And doorways with mistletoe to start boots knocking.
Bring all the Christmas parties tasty wine;
And add some magic to make the next morning fine.
Make everyone on your list glad just to be alive;
Get them closer to the things for which they strive.

Pack up some warmth and give it away for free,
It's hard to come and ask for food on your knee.
So for those who would spend the night with hunger,
Leave them what they need to eat and get stronger.
To those in ill heath, the sick and the weak;
Give hope and healing and all the kindness they seek.

For myself I ask that only one thing be:
I find myself a girl 'neath that tree.
I do not need much other stock,
You can even put her in that Christmas sock.

That's all I ask for Santa, though I'll admit,
Even a list like this is quite a bit.
I hope you can fill it all, but if you can't, I understand;
Not all in life goes as we have planned.

Oh, before I forget, there is one thing left to do:
Wish a Merry Christmas to all, and especially to you.

-- BR, December 24, 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Catching Up
Lots to catch up on. Sorry for being gone so long. I haven't even been on Imperian in this last month (which is why I finally am no longer a secretary -- it took weeks of inactivity). I feel kind of bad, but I can't get the energy up to do anything. I need to find some way to really recharge. I know what would do it, and most of you could guess, but it's not something that's possible, so I'll just endure. I've hardly done anything but work and watch movies. Note to self: starting Blockbuster Online Total Access and the endless stream of movies that entails the week before dead week was a bad plan. However, I made it through finals, and in the end, everything worked out better than I was figuring, really, so my grades didn't much suffer and I should still be on track for summa cum laude. Let's hope.

I did get to go to the Faint's latest show in town. It was spectacular, but I think I picked up a cold there. I stayed in the middle of the crowd through the whole thing up until their encore (when I decided hitting the merch booth, and maybe getting some water and air would be wise). It was great to loose myself in the flood again, feeling everything shift and move around you. I was totally soaked by the end of it. And I've never seen so many people crowd surfing before. I had about six different people go over me, helped lift about four people, including catching one guy when we didn't get him all the way up, and lifted two girls up into the crowd on my own. It was a blast.

Those of you reading Sapph's blog are aware that he mentioned a project that we're working on. It's true, I'm writing for this new webcomic that we are, in theory, going to produce. However, I've got a new website to write for it, and I've only written out the prologue. I need to script it, and start writing the rest of the first chapter now. So we've got our work cut out for us, but I'm hopeful. I am looking forward to some of the upcoming stories that we've started to work out, and I can't wait to play around with some of the topics that the comic will address (sure, it's about werewolves fighting zombies and vampires, but that's not all it's about.)

I'm back at home for Christmas, staring deep in the abyss yet again. Let's hope this time isn't so hard. Merry Christmas all, and happy whatever other holidays you care to celebrate.

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