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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally Bottled the Wheat
Bottled the boysenberry wheat tonight, and I think the pepper beer is ready too, so I'll try to bottle it tomorrow or so... We'll see what I have time for, since I've definitely got to get the cider going ASAP.

I learned something about boysenberries too. They have all kinds of little bits that really like to clog up the keg tap, making the last eight or so bottles nearly impossible to draw. I ended up doing rather unorthodox things for the last few, so I marked them pretty clearly -- they're probably not going to turn out well, and I'd rather party guests not imbibe them. This whole thing has been a lot of "wait and see." Maybe the pepper beer will actually go well... Though I'm not so secretly terrified of it, since I'll have to taste it to see if it's ready to bottle, and I don't generally care for spicy hot things. *sigh* Oh well. It's for a good cause anyway.



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