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Friday, October 14, 2005

Mid-October Comic Status Update
Well, I figure I'll make the first real post on this thing a status report on the comic. As anyone who reads the comic (okay, sure there isn't anyone like that, but anyway...) knows, I missed September's update, after managing a couple months worth of monthly updates. Sorry about that all. As I mentioned before, my friend Sapph has been trying to teach me actual artistic ability, and it has had some effect. The problem comes from the fact that I can't figure out how I need to draw Luke's hair now. So I've moved things around a little bit. The comic that I'm working on was supposed to come right after the next look at Jonathan and Luke, and instead comes before. I'm coloring it now. It would have been done earlier, but I needed help from Sapph as to how to easily outline things in Photoshop. The bastard has me drawing and scanning these things in now. At least, I did for this one, because I was getting desperate about the comic, had a little free time, and wasn't in front of my computer.

If you're really curious about why the comic isn't put out on even a weekly, or for that matter, even slightly regular, basis, allow me to explain what I am and do. First, I'm wildly ambitious, lazy, and not a great artist, so working on the comic seems like work to me. That makes me kind of avoid it for fun things when I've actually got spare time. The other issue is that I'm a senior in Computer Engineering and Computer Science (which is why I claim the title 'Technomancer'.) Just for engineering, you have to be rather masochistic. The program is designed to grind you into the ground and devour any time you have, leaving you with no life outside of the bounds of your computer design projects. So I start with very little time, and waste what I have. No excuses there, this is all my own fault, but that's the reasons if anyone wanted to know.


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