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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spycraft 2.0
This last weekend saw us playing Spycraft 2.0 again. I enjoyed this game much more (part of the reason we're playing this is that the guys want me to change to 2.0 for the second season of my campaign). That could be because I was able to play something other than a soldier. I liked the character concept, but I really prefer to be able to do things. I like to play high dexterity, high intelligence, high charisma characters. I talk, I shoot, and I have skills. This time I got to do most of these things (we actually avoided doing shooting, which was good, since we were in the middle of a batch of werewolves). I was playing a MiB, one who was supposed to be creepy. So I went all out and played him like the G-Man from Half-Life, complete with the disconcerting vocal mannerisms. If my die hadn't decided it was time to punish me (that was the coldest my 20-sider has ever been, I got four whole rolls that were larger than eight), I wouldn't have been able to complain at all. Heck, we managed to plant a corpse in a guy's apartment and I roleplayed some very creepy conversations with our target so well that the rest of the party insisted the GM provide me with action dice for it. I want to do an interrogation with him. That would be much fun. I'm still not totally sold on some of the game mechanics, but I actually approve of the way they do the skills now. Normally I'd complain about them reducing the number of skills (I like to claim that D&D 4th ed will have three skills, Talking, Thinking, and Doing, and 5th ed will have one, √úberschnozen, which does, and means, anything), but they did it logically and each skill actually uses one of two attributes for different applications, pratically doubling the number of skills. The jury's still out in my mind, but it's looking more promising. Maybe I'll be able to reach a decision after I've held the books for more than two hours of total time (most of which was spent in gear, gearing my characters up).


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