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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Party
Whew. Last night was the big Halloween shindig for my friends and I. I was going to do Gordon Freeman of Half-Life, but with all the stuff for classes I didn't have time to actually get the costume together properly. So I went with my backup instead and pulled the stylish vampire again. I was missing the makeup, but I did have my fangs. I'll post pictures up later of the party, once I get them off my camera. The other thing was that the last of the guys to turn 21 did so last night. So we went out to a bar also. I'd have been fine if I hadn't had that terrible Long Island Iced Tea mix thing before we went. However, it made my stomach very angry. The sad thing though is that while I was very drunk, and Jason was as drunk as one's 21st birthday deserves, everybody else was the most inebriated they've ever been. I would get the wrong end of a rake in a random oriface to say much more, just note that there are photos that will not ever see the light of day. Also, I can be quite evil when I've been drinking. I have to wonder what some of the fallout will be, assuming there is any. And let's hope I feel fully human again soon.


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