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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Further Car Issues
Well, from what I hear, my car was making funny noises due to the pistons. The new parts are in, but they're not in the car, not yet anyway. So I don't get my car back until sometime this next week. Which is bad because my brother needs his car back Monday. So I might very well be without transportation this next week. The brother will have to make his decision as to if he will take the car and drop me back off in Omaha, or just use the car while I am at work and let me continue to borrow the car. Once he decides, I'll know if I'm stuck in the dorm room for a week (at least then I'll have time to do homework), or if I'll still be able to come in to work. I'll keep you all appraised.

-- UPDATE 3:20 PM Oct. 22, 2005 --
Well, from the sound of things, the brother's girlfriend has a big test on Monday, which is their year anniversary. So they decided to celebrate today instead, and she's driving her car. This means that I can keep borrowing his car for the time being. Good news at least. Though I hope I can get my car back shortly.

-- UPDATE 4:37 PM Oct. 22, 2005 --
Hmm... Just thought of something. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get really lucky, and my new glasses will be ready at the end of the week and I can run down Saturday and get both my car and my glasses. That would be very cool.


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