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Monday, October 17, 2005

Time for some "Cultural Restructuring"
Now this is just plain insane.

If they actually think that this bastard is "less culpable" for this atrocity because of his cultural background, it's time to go in and forcibly alter that background.
Mr Odgers said the new evidence showed that he had a disease, which,
combined with alcohol and the cultural conditioning of "a society with very
traditional views of women", was "clearly a factor in the commissioning of these
"The applicant was a cultural time bomb," Mr Odgers said. "It was
almost inevitable that something like this would happen. His culpability is
lessened because of that combination."

Seriously. I don't care where you come from. You don't do that sort of thing. Especially not in a civilized country like Austraila. Take my comment however you like to regard the civilization or lack thereof of any place that allows SOBs to do things like what Mr. MSK and his brothers did. They deserve the law to come down square on top of them, and they should thank Allah that they didn't try this with my daughter (if I had one) or I would have sent them packing to whatever form of hell Muslims believe in (that's a point I happen to be ignorant of, but I am reasonably certain there is a hell in Islam, I just don't know what it is). I have no pity for this sort of human garbage. I don't blame their defense attorney. He's just trying to do the best he can to do his job and protect these worthless excuses for monsters that call themselves human. But them... I don't care if you're bloody insane (which MSK is not; the courts have determined him as sane more than once), I don't care if you're an alcoholic, and I don't care if you're Muslim, Christian, Hindi, Jewish, et al. You do something like what these three personages did, and you deserve the most ruthless forms of punishment the law can dish out. There are no excuses. The time for excuses ended when you commited the deed. Express remorse, repent, and maybe you can redeem yourselves. But don't ever try to excuse your behavior. What's wrong is wrong. And if you think your culture gives you some excuse, it's time for humanity to redefine your 'culture' as savagery, and 'uplift' you (as we would say in sci-fi). That said, I find it exceptionally hard to believe that Pakistan is accepting of gang rape, regardless of the "traditional" views of women (my "traditional" view of women regards them as equals... Sounds to me like these guys need new traditions). I'm certain that Pakistani law also takes a dim view of the actions of these fellows. So don't try blaming your culture, bub. I don't buy it. It's a weaker excuse than "following orders," and there were a lot of evil men who were executed using that excuse.

It should be obvious that I'm no multiculti. I view some things as evil. And there is no excuse for evil.


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