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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Movie
I haven't seen United 93 yet. I'm sure you'll know when I do. I'm not sure whether I'll see it in theatres or if I'll rent it. I am pretty sure that I'll see it alone. And I'm certain I'll hardly be able to see it that first time through the tears. Hell, I start crying when I read essays about the movie. And they always ask, if you knew what was coming, if you were there, what would you do?

I'd written more here, about my reactions to some things, about what I knew I was capable of. But it's probably best if I don't put them out here. If you want to know, talk to me personally.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's Finally Coming!
I just noticed a link at VG Cats to this world shattering announcement! Yes! Finally, at long last, Captain N will be coming to DVD. I have longed for this to happen for years. Now if I can get The Real Ghostbusters on DVD also, then I shall know that the world is well and truly becoming a better place.

Like A Horrible Disease
I tell you, it's a horrible disease. I had it in remission, but it's flaring up like crazy now. Yes, I'm talking about furry. I tell you, I'm getting worse, driving myself further and further from normal folks.

Sapph brought up some good points though, while "comforting" (read "gloating and taunting like Emporer Palpatine") me concerning this. It's a cinch that any girl I eventually manage to attract is going to be a it of a furry herself. Also, he says, "Although, should she ever tell you that she thinks guy on guy action is hot, I think I will die of laughter." I had only one reply --It would be my luck that that is the case. Impresario agrees. Which means I'm going to end up dating someone who's "My Pictures" directory closely resembles Mal's. I'm still trying to decide if this is good thing or not. Sapph believes that the sooner I come to grips with this, the sooner I'll find her. Regardless, my fatalism is acting up again and I'm not sure that I am going to have any choice in this matter, whether I like it or not.

And now I'll close with some She Wants Revenge(who will be on tour with Depeche Mode! Gah! Of all the concerts to not be able to afford to go to!): "Let's make a fast plan, Watch it burn to the ground. I try to whisper, So no one figures it out: I'm not a bad man, I'm just overwhelmed. It's 'cause of these things, it's 'cause of these things." -- These Things by She Wants Revenge.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Drumming Up Business
Going home for Easter, I got to make the lovely discovery that my car will fit completely on the shoulder of the Interstate. One would assume that the driver of an ambulance would have the presence of mind to check their blind spot and not attempt to run someone off the road, but evidently this is not the case. Note that we were just driving, he didn't have his lights going or anything like that, he just merged over into my lane. Not fun at all. Evidently the holiday isn't busy enough for hospitals, so they have to go out and generate their own business.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Look Better in Binary
Well, one thing I can say is that at least not all my alter-egos have my problems. Is it any surprise that I like to play Imperian so much these days when you consider that my character actually has a girl he's successfully wooing? It's the closest thing to any action that I'm getting. That is pretty darned depressing.

Of course, I somehow suspect that when I finally find a girl that's interested in me, she'll be like another acquaintence of my Imperian characer -- an insane sexpot who's only around long enough for a quickie and only when I'm already busy doing something else, and then she just suddenly disappears. No, I am not getting my character involved with her. Not ever if I can help it. She'd be a bad influence on someone who's trying to become a knight. Now if my blasted mentor would come back I might actually be able to take the knighthood test and get past that hurdle.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wardrobe Additions
The folks came up this weekend and brought me some presents. Among them are a short sleeve shirt with martini glasses on it (I'm not sure if my folks are mocking me or not *grin*) and a black sateen shirt. Then, because I finally found some, I threw myself further into debt buying a new pair of leather pants from Wilsons Leather. It's so nice to have a pair that actually fit well. Though I'd better not gain any weight... They're not cut yet (you don't hem leather pants -- you cut them off at the length you want), but I don't think my scissors here will handle it, so it'll have to wait for Easter.

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