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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Scary Man Cooks
Sorry for the big gap there. School's doing its level best to grind me beneath its bootheels. Let's just say that I probably should be working on homework even now, but my brain is about to melt and pour out of my skull, so I'm just going to put it off until tomorrow. My car should be fixed now, but exactly what happens this weekend is up in the air. I have to get my car, but I'm still hoping that my new glasses will come in. If they do, then I'll go home and get them on Saturday. We'll see; so far I haven't heard anything.

I'm rather proud of myself today. I developed a new recipe, and it actually was edible. I'm going to be tweaking it until I get it just where I want it, but it's essentially beef teriyaki stir-fry on chow mein noodles. It was actually quite good stuff, especially since I made it by putting random things in the pan at proportions that I felt were reasonable. I'm going to be making it again sometime, so my friends who read this might want to pester me about cooking it for them sometime. It would make my day. So that's what the title of the post comes from. Well, sort of. Actually, it's what one of my friend Luke's online friends asked incredulously after he told them. This person doesn't know me, and simply refers to me as "the scary man" based on me walking by Luke's webcam once. Not that I know anything about them either, apart from the fact they like to call me "the scary man." I make a big deal out of this because it entertains me. But regardless, yes, the scary man does indeed cook. And he does a reasonable job at it too. At least I didn't invent a new aid to induce vomiting anyway.


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