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Saturday, October 22, 2005

So I just happen to be at work, where I'm without my beloved IE7. (Ironic that I work as a developer and don't have the developer's version of the browser at work, but I do at home.) So I use Firefox because I'm now addicted to tabbed browsing and decide I need to post to the blog. And Firefox decides it's going to throw a fit about posting. So I then look at the blog. And weep. I hate that stupid garbage browser. Firefox interprets CSS so rediculously poorly that my blog looks insane. Horribly borked. So it'll be down to me to try to fix the thing so that it's cross-browser compatible, just so that the 8% and shrinking amount of Internet users that use the stupid thing. Let me tell you, I take no secret joy from the fact that Firefox, which endless numbers of people I know kept harping on me to switch to ("Why do you, smart as you are, keep using that MS piece of crap browser?", etc, etc), is now the industry leader in both vulnerabilities and exploits discovered. No, my joy isn't secret at all. Guess who's "security via obsurity" just wore off? I wonder if this will cause a mass migration away from it. Probably not until IE7 hits public beta or goes live. Tabbed browsing is too useful to give up, and most people don't want to download extra extensions to add it to IE. But this leaves me with the question, do I blame Blogspot for not being fully Firefox compatible, the girl who came up with the template I'm using for not writing her CSS to work with Firefox at all, or the Firefox developers for making a browser that refuses to do intelligent interpretation of HTML? Well, I'm not blaming the girl that made the template. It's a really cool template, she's got a lot of talent, and I can't see where Firefox is managing to misinterpret the CSS so that the page background isn't black. The positional stuff that I did, maybe. I know Firefox has a very odd way of handling relative positioning. But the body background? That's their fault. And since I can already attribute that to Firefox, why blame Blogspot for the browser not posting to the blog properly? It's probably the browser's fault anyway again. So Firefox developers...Why do you hate humanity? Why must you join Macromedia and the cURL guy in an evil coalition to destroy all that we hold dear? (I'll rant about those guys and how much they hate humanity later).

Honestly, there is one thing that I really do like about Firefox. Their Javascript console is excellent. It's actually useful and tells you what precisely is wrong, which is much more than I can say about IE's. Though it sure would be nice to know if the Javascript was broken without opening the Javascript console. You know, like how IE shows that little broken page warning thing in the lower left corner? But of course, we wouldn't want to do anything like Microsoft, regardless of the value of the idea. After all, Firefox = Open Source, therefore Microsoft = Bad. *sigh*

-- UPDATE 10:20 PM Oct. 22, 2005 --
Well, screw this. Those of you with Firefox are stuck. Anytime a bit of software simply won't listen when I tell it something, that's a pretty good indication of write-off crapware. Oh, and look, NOTHING I DO makes Firefox actually change the widths of the table cells from the totally arbitrary values it's chosen. So you guys are screwed by your "more standards compliant" browser. Though you can effectively forget that boast, being as it totally ignores any and all (including CSS) instructions regarding widths. I got you a black background, but to make any other changes are going to screw things up for the rest of us who use IE, which looks decent. That means you small minority folks are out of luck unless one of you has any useful suggestions. If there's something I haven't tried and you can figure it out, I'll make the changes, but there are an awful lot of more important and less frustrating things for me to spend my time on than trying to wrestle Firefox into displaying my webpage as I intend.


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