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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Post Quarter Century
Well, it seems like I managed to make it through without being mopey at all. Not here anyway. That's, of course, due to me being ridiculously busy. I'm trying to rush through a major rewrite of one of our clients' websites, doing everything I can to improve the thing. I ended up working a batch of overtime at the end of last week (not fun when you're also trying to get ready for a party and your dishwasher has crapped out). Fortunately, my Mom came up to help me with some of the cooking and cleaning. I'm not sure if I'd have gotten it all done without a hand.

The party itself went rather well, despite me catching the barbecue ribs on fire. Seriously -- apparently one needs to be certified to use my brother's charcoal grill. I think I'm through over half my beer, possibly as much as three quarters, so I'm excited. And everybody seemed to like it really well. I'm going to call it all a success, even if I'm still a terribly lonely guy, and throwing this party messed my finances up all to heck (seriously, this thing was super expensive...I had a ton of food). But it was fun, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, so I'm happy anyway.


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