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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Post Pre Mardi Gras
Alan had his pre-Mardi Gras party Saturday. It was a lot of fun. I got to spend a batch of time mixing drinks again, and might even have gotten myself lined up to bartend more or less officially at some other party in April. We'll see how it goes, but I seem to have retained my title as Liquor MacGuyver with the ability to mix things out of crazy random drinks. And I'm starting to develop a distinct tendency to flavor everything I make with a splash of Amaretto and Vanilla Schnapps. Oh, and Ryan finally got me to smoke the hookah a couple times. I doubt I'll do it again. It's not like I was choking or coughing or anything; it really didn't affect me much at all. In point of fact, I couldn't really even taste the flavored tobacco. Just can't see the point of smoking it. It's got drawbacks, but no real benefits. *shrug* Oh well, to each their own. I hope everybody else enjoyed their weekends.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Catching up
It's been a while since I posted. I've been playing Imperian mostly. These past two days I've gotten to be set on fire, melted by acid, thrown around in the air, blown up, or otherwise horribly maimed by mages in a city tournament. But there have been a couple other interesting things.

Like how Luke and I hit Old Chicago on Saturday for food after I got off work. I was wearing my Faint sweatshirt that I bought at their last concert, mostly because I was out of other long sleeve shirts, and the winter came to Nebraska recently. So we're sitting here and one of the waitresses comes up and says to me, "This is going to sound really weird, but are you a fan of the Faint? Because I'm a huge Faint fan. I only ask because I've got the same sweatshirt. Anyhow, I just wanted to ask." And she left. I'm dumbfounded, mostly, and start asking Luke if I'd just gone insane. He says, "That's where you're supposed to ask her number, Brian." I just reply, "I know, but when was I supposed to do that? I only got three words in and two of them were 'yeah'." (This is true). Just bizarre. I'm not used to having anybody come up and talk to me like that.

Still haven't managed to see Jolynn in person yet, but we did end up with drunken (on my part anyway) flirting on Facebook the other night. I'm not real sure if she'd agree that that was what happened the other night, but that's my opinion. I'll probably hear about it from her if she agrees or disagrees -- not that you, my semi-loyal readers, will necessarily hear about it. That's right, she reads this thing. Strangely enough, she's still talking to me. Yeah, isn't it crazy? I'm not going to complain though.

Now Steve's done with classes (just finished up in community college), so we've been celebrating. I'm just coming off my buzz (spent too much at the bar again) and he's got me watching Rent. I certainly don't enjoy it as much as he does (though I will admit, I tend to like movies that I can watch on my own better, since I can pay attention to the thing and we don't end up in all kinds of side conversations), but it's better than I was afraid it would be. Quite frankly, I was afraid it would be one of those preachy things that I find really annoying, since if I were to be preachy about my point of view I would catch hell. But it's not really that terrible about it. Sure, the little social things that I disagree with are undercurrents throughout the movie, but they're not the focus of the movie; it's more about who the characters are than what they are. Thank goodness. And it sure beats listening to the stupid soundtrack another dozen times (nothing convinces you that there's a very good reason that there are very few modern musicals than having to listen to the soundtrack to one approximately three point four gajillion times. *grin*).

Anyhow, congrats Steve. Enjoy the end of your schooling.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"The radio plays what they want you to hear"
Something's gone wrong with music, I swear. First there's Grasshopper Takeover and their "deportable to Iran" offense of remaking "Baby Got Back." Now I just heard "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada on the local top 40's station (yes, I check it when there's nothing else playing, simply on the off chance that there's something good on; I know the odds of that are terrible, but I try anyway). Eurodance hasn't been on top 40's radio since Eiffel 65 in 1999. I'm pleased, but confused. I wonder what the other drivers thought as they saw me, staring in this strange, side-ways glance manner at my car radio. Maybe we'll see a resurgance of eurodance. Hey, a guy can dream can't he?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"You just need to achieve something that rings true"
Just bought "Playing the Angel," the new Depeche Mode CD. It's got a lot of great tracks on it, including "John the Revelator" and "Precious," but I think my favorite is "A Pain That I'm Used To."

I don't know what the philosopy Depeche Mode has behind it, but it really could be applied as analysis of our everyday lives. A bit of a dissertation on how we are so afraid to move outside of our own comfort zones that we would rather stay with a situation that harms us, but is familiar. That we get used to the pain to the point where we like it, prefer it. "All this running around; Well it's getting me down; Just give me a pain that I'm used to." Think of how many times each of us has chosen to stay with the pain we're used to to avoid making hard decisions. I know I have in the past.

And on the horrible note of pain that we're all getting used to, happy Valentine's Day everyone. *grin*

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Concerted Efforts
Wow, Deathcab for Cutie's sold out already. But I don't care. Alkaline Trio's coming to town on April 28th. I MUST see this one. The Fray's show on April 12th might also be worth hitting. We'll see what the tickets all look like and see if I can remember to buy them. That's the hard part. *grin*

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Out of Concert
You know, it's really frustrating to be as lazy and inattentive as I am sometimes. I'm missing all these awesome concerts. Nickelback is coming to town, as are the All American Rejects and Fallout Boy (that would be one hell of a show...wish I'd remembered to buy tickets...*sigh*). Deathcab For Cutie's got a show coming up in March I think. I'm trying to decide if I want to shoot for that one. I like a respectable amount of their stuff. Anybody got feelings one way or the other? Omaha's a great concert venue; that's one of the things I like about the place. But I don't pay enough attention to actually get tickets to the shows I want to see. And then I have to be out of town for the others (Jason invited me to a concert this Saturday, which would be awesome, apart from me having to go home). Yes, I'm still bitter about missing the Orgy concert two years ago.

Sorry about the lack of posting lately...Imperian is absorbing whatever school leaves behind. Though I did get to hotseat some Civ4 with Luke tonight. That was fun. First time I've played and I'm currently winning. Starting position counts for a lot. And I've watched Luke play enough to have the basics down. And heck, it's almost 1000 AD and nobody's declared war on me yet.

As you might have guessed, I'm a bit upset about my couch delays, but otherwise I'm doing well in my blogging absence. I'm just hoping that Senior Thesis (a wireless microphone voice controlled robot for those keeping score) won't roll me under. As for the things that are not school or Imperian (I'm enjoying that game more than I probably should)...Well, that's hard for me to put into words. I'd say "better than expected," which is true, but without knowing my expectations, it could imply very different things than the reality. "According to plan" might also work, but it implies that I've got some kind of plan, instead of mostly wishful thinking and the grace of God. I'll just settle with "pleased." I'm very pleased, actually. Come what may, there's at least mutually assured interest in seeing what comes of it all. It's funny, I'm hoping for the best, without the slightest idea of which of a myriad of possible outcomes is "the best." Also, I actually am afraid I won't have anything to say. Isn't that ridiculous?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Continuing the Couch Chronicles
Bugger. I just got a call from Furniture Row. There was some kind of computer error, so I won't have my sofa until the end of the month. That's right; it's going to take twice as long as expected for me to get the thing. They offered to give me my money back, but I ordered the couch for a reason -- I want the thing. So I told them that I'd just wait for it. Maybe I'll get lucky and the shipment will come in early.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Of the Wolf
Geez. The Wolf's really been climbing the walls in my mind today. I can't remember him being this agitated since Halloween, and he had at least some cause then. Right now I'm looking at "the best I really could have hoped for" in most of my life (apart from my hair cut appointment being pushed back to next week and my couch still not being here...Argh). I think I may have figured out what's driving him so crazy, but it would mean that he's *gasp* not so self-absorbed and unlike the conscious me after all.

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