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Thursday, October 20, 2005

"I don't understand...The dead are supposed to stay dead."
Picked up my copy of FEAR: Director's Cut today. It is excellent. Very nice atmosphere. I appreciate that the demo and the game are actually different (level design-wise). I still like the gun balance, especially now that they added the ability to do akimbo pistols, which puts the pistol from my least favorite to my most favorite weapon. Nothing like going SloMo, pop a guy with one shot and listening to his buddies shout (all in slow motion) "We've got a sniper!" There's only one big problem with the game. I don't have time to play it. I should be doing homework. FEAR is making that hard. There are all the little things to appreciate. The way the bad guys take cover, left their weapons over their heads and fire at you. The way you can actually see your body when you look down. The creepy music. The fact that the baddies are horrifyingly good with their grenades. And the lighting effects are put to very good, and quite creepy, use. I am impressed Monolith. You haven't been wasting time. I do, however, despise those stupid robot walker things with the huge missile racks. They are very unpleasant. Until I post again, watch out for those creepy little girls.


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