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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maybe I Should Use the Right OS
Whoopsie. I've got the distinct pleasure of working with one of the most hideously powerful computers I've ever seen. One of our clients got a dual processor, quad core, 16 GB RAM, monster with six 146 GB 15,000 RPM serial-attached SCSI drives in a RAID-5, and sent it here to be set up. It's an enormous black monolith, capable of uplifting civilizations and converting Jupiter into a star. Seriously, it's huge. It weighs more than 60 lbs. It's sickeningly awesome, especially since it's main duty will be to run Samba and a MySQL server for our inventory control software. Yeah. A system nearly as powerful as FurAffinity's new server, and it's going to have almost nothing to do. I've got permission to install whatever OS I want on it, and, tempted as I am to put Gentoo there, I think I'm going to go with Debian... Not that I like Debian better (I've actually become increasingly frustrated with Debian, and I love Gentoo), it's just a bit friendlier to the novice. My most difficult goal is actually getting MySQL to use the whole system. We're discussing trying to use ndbcluster and setting up a single system cluster, but our first try will be with MySQL 6, to test if Falcon can actually do it. So I go and get an install of MySQL 6, IA64, shiny and new...Which is when I discover I wasn't thinking -- I used the install disc for our mail i386 box. It'll be tough to use 16 GB of RAM, when your OS can only address 4 GB of it. So...It looks like I'm going to start over, and give this thing a try with an IE64 install, like it should have had before. Ooops. Oh well, more fun time with the box. At least I won't make this mistake with the other identical server that a different client is ordering. That one's a rush job -- this one I can take my time and savor.



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