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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well...That could have gone better
I've been complaining I need a new saucepan for beer making for some time now. I've got a two quart, but it's just too small. I've seen the ones I want, but I decided I'd try to save some money and make the Boysenberry Wheat with my little pan. Yeah...I managed to spill the wort all over my counter when I was trying to pour it into the fermentation tank. *sigh* So this particular batch is going to be a little low in alcoholic content. Oh well, hopefully it'll still turn out okay. I'm getting increasingly worried that the temperatures are too high for my fermentation, but I can't afford to buy a fridge just for fermenting the beer yet. Hopefully soon. But after that new pot, darn it!

Hoping to bottle my Oatmeal Ale on Friday or Saturday. I probably won't have the energy for it tomorrow after the open house, or I might see if it's ready then.



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