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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Long Weekend
Didn't do much for the Fourth this year -- I just couldn't afford it. Maybe next year when my credit card debt isn't quite so crushing. I saw my mom and cousins on the third, and was at a pool party with one of my cousins all day on the fourth, but Dad couldn't make it up (with the wheat harvest, he had to work), so I left the beer at home. Probably for the best -- it'll taste better this weekend when I'll see the folks for sure. I'm thinking I'm going to have the design guys at the building (Play Creative) print me up some decals, if they can, that I'll start putting on my beer bottles. Maybe I'll have Sapph work up the design for me. I'm strongly tempted to call it "Alpha Moon Breweries," but I remain somewhat undecided yet. When I do decide for sure, I'll post up the lovely design. *grin*

I got the DMZ implemented at work this afternoon, and everything looks like it's going to work exactly how I want it to. I'm so excited, since this will pretty much guarantee better network performance all around, keep the people who bother me happy (or at least less unhappy), and let me really test my QoS setup. I'm very proud of it; and I think it's very clever, but I don't actually know how well it's going to work with everyone behind it. At least with the VoIP. I just don't know enough about VoIP. But at least with the DMZ in place, everything's just tweaking numbers now, and we should be looking at having about the best performance that the fiber link is able to provide, so any more performance is going to be gains with the local setup.

Also I just came up with the best idea for Sapph's birthday (it's in a couple months). I've been joking about getting him a furby, because they're creepy as all get out, and you can get one for a song. But I realized that's completely inadequate. I mean, he's turning mid-twenties now. He needs more than something that you can cup in your hands. No, the perfect gift to land him in therapy would be a full-conversion of a bean-bag into a three-foot-tall furby-esque monster. And then, when he's deep asleep, it'll snap open its horrible, staring, grapefruit-sized eyes and bellow "I HUNGER!" Because if you're going for a horrible monster like this, only Sinistar can do it justice for a voice. Imagine waking up to that thing looking at you and flapping its appendage-things as it screams "RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" in a voice spawned from the very depths of Hell itself. Sapph's going to murder me for thinking this thing up.

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