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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Answers To Angles
You recall my question posted just before this? "What do I have to offer to someone? How do I fulfill the wants of another?" I think I came up with an answer, and a very good note on this was proposed by one of my friends on Facebook. Let me discuss her addition to the discussion first. She brought up a useful point. We all know what we want, and we generally want very similar things to the people that we want to attract. So that should be played off of. By her words,
A lot of people want someone gorgeous, someone fascinating. Well, if you want it, attract it. Radiate those kinds of qualities.
She's right. That's a useful method -- be what you want. My answer follows from this.

For my answer, it's simple after a fashion. I figured it out as I was going to sleep a few nights ago -- I have nothing to offer but myself. And that's also part of what my friend's words mean. What do we have to give to another beyond simply ourselves?

So to you, whoever you are, I offer my cynicism, that you may show it wrong, for it is yours to do as you will. My sarcasm shall serve your purposes, my sense of humor is yours to laugh at your jokes. My eyes shall see only you, and my voice dedicated to singing your praises. My words, those you do not simply take away, are given to you to. My ears are yours, to hear your words. My fire will burn for you, animate me to be with you. I give to you my loyalty, my dedication, my warmth, and what strength I possess. What I am, I offer to you.



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