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Monday, May 28, 2007

Welcome to the family, Kethra
I've been joking lately that since I can't get a girlfried, I'd get a puppy. See, that way I have something that gives me love and affection in exchange for huge amounts of my time and money. Well, so it was that I got my little pup, Kethra. Yes, I did name her after my WoW character. You can all just save your "nerd" and "World of War-crack" comments, I haven't even kicked the game open in a couple months.

I got Kethra on Friday, and we've been getting along. She wakes me up about every two hours through the night, for no real reason as far as I can tell; she rarely needs to go out at night. She's had a few accidents in the apartment. And by "a few" I mean, "every time she gets out of my sight for more than six seconds." She's virtually attached to my ankles, and I don't know how she's going to handle me going to work, as she throws a fit whenever she's left alone. She just cries and cries and howls. She's definitely got a lot of Husky blood in her. She's got a Husky nose, a Husky tail, and Husky color markings. She'll be golden and white when her fur darkens up. The Corgi mix must have been her sire -- she's got the short little legs of that breed. She doesn't bark that much, usually just at me or a toy, but she's got all kinds of other vocalizations when she gets riled up. Which she does several times a day. She just rips around the apartment. She's very cute, but the 6 AM mornings are starting to get to me.

Feast your eyes on perfect cuteness.

It's probably the one floppy ear and one semi-erect ear that really make her adorable.



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