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Monday, May 28, 2007

Reading Materials
Been doing some blog reading lately again. It's not easy, Keth's always under foot now, and I have to keep an eye on her, since she's not housetrained just yet (the only two places I can trust her not to do her business has been her bed and the couch, which is effectively her other bed).

But to the point: I either need to read more of Bill Whittle's work or less of it. His most recent essay, is, as usual excellent; to the point where I'm nearly in tears reading it (the merest suggestion of true heroism and reminders of where it has been found tends to moisten my eyes). I'd also like to recommend Melanie Phillips's Liberalism vs. Islamism, as it's a clear headed analysis of the current threat to the free world and why this is a threat. Or at least the current threat as far as I and my ilk tend to see it; there's plenty who'd disagree, I'm sure.

Something happens to me when I read great essays. They inspire me. I get fired up. I write things myself. In fact, this blog itself owes its very existance as much to Whittle's "Tribes" essay as to Sapph getting me somewhat inebriated and cajoling me into signing up. Hopefully soon I'll have the chance to get back to some of my actual demagogery and perhaps even explain what my blog title means, and how it could possibly be inspired by "Tribes."

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