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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sort of Like a Neighborhood Cookout
Just a quick note. Went out to Kobe with a few of the guys tonight, sort of a belated graduation celebration. This is when I discovered that one of my neighbors is a cook there. Now, for those not in the know, Kobe is a Japanese steakhouse, the whole habachi, throwing things around, setting the grill on fire, dinner and a show deal. And this was the best time I've ever had there. Now, I disagree with my friends that it was freakish coincidence that my neighbor cooked for our table -- I consider it freakish coincidence that he was working there the night we went, but I think he purposely asked to work our table. Regardless, it was spectacular. He's been working there for five years, and the experience shows. And he bought us sake bombs (a shot of sake dropped into a glass of Sapporo). Awesome food and a great time. Because he bought us liquor, and we were neighbors, and he honestly was a terrific cook, I wanted to tip bigger than usual (which is already bigger than most tips, because the cook and the waitress share the tip for the table)...I'd put the numbers down before I realized that I'd just tipped 50%. Oh well, it's not like it wasn't well earned, even if it's a big tight on my finances. Yes, this is a very pointless entry, but we had such a spectacular time that I just wanted to put a shout out.



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