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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ambition: Dunking Game
Like most previous versions of Flash, CS3 does most of what you want to do in a totally different way than its predecessors. ARGH, it's frustrating. Now I'm relearning all the class stuff, which was obscure, obtuse, and difficult under AS2. It's slightly better under AS3, but it would appear that the Flash dev team never considered that someone might want a custom class to contain another custom class. What a novel concept! *sigh* I'm still trying to figure out the proper way to make that bit work.

One of my friends on the TwoKinds Forum (I suppose I will use the familiar, even though our only point of contact is that forum itself) suggested that I deserve to be the subject of a dunking game for a joke I made (I suggested that Keith and Natani are in the process of demonstrating that it is indeed possible to base a relationship on very little except a pair of lies). So I decided I would attempt to create such a thing, as I could use it to contribute to development on the Ambition Engine and familiarize myself with CS3. Well, it's doing that I suppose; though I'm not getting much development of the game done.

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