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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finals Week -- Is That a Light?
Well, one day left to finals week and one final remaining. Speech. Yeah, I'm snickering too. I actually will study for it, but I'm not very worried. Let me put it this way -- I could go, write my name on the top of the test (yes it's a test), hand it back totally blank, and end up with a B in the class. So no, I'm not very worried about it.

But today...By Shockley. We were giving presentations in my "Technology, Science, and Civilizations" class. (Essentially it's "watch movies and write papers about science and civilization" class. I fell asleep a lot.) Now, for finals week, you get two hours of class to take the final, so instead of taking a final, we did presentations of our semester projects (mine was a paper that I wrote last night over the course of about three hours, so it wasn't quite as good as it might have been). But, of course, with so many students with so much to say (okay, only twenty-some students or so, most of them in groups of two or three, but anyway) we went over time. We sat in that stupid room for THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Staring at Powerpoint presentations for three and a half hours. I thought my eyes would melt. By the end of it, we were down to about eight people who were just happy to get out of there.

Three hours of listening to presentations is surprisingly exhausting, so I took a nap on returning. This of course (I swear there's a causal relationship) made disasters happen at work. So I had to do some remote modifications to our autoupdating system (since I wrote the server side functionality, it was my responsibility to fix that part of the problem). But it should be good to go on that end, just waiting for the clients to get updated so they ask for things the right way again, but at least this time the system isn't totally broken. And no, for the record I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow to deal with the Flash monstrosity and people who want to bend it to their own whims. But sadly, what's a Frankensteinian web developer to do? I made the monster, now I have to keep working on it.


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