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Monday, December 12, 2005

Disasters, Averted and Incoming
Well, at least that's resolved. The Wolf and I didn't manage to do anything particularly stupid, which we'd thought about, last night. So my friend and I came to an understanding today, and are now back on speaking terms. There's one disaster averted. I got to court a few others for work this morning. We put an actual firewall on our server, but we keep forgetting which ports need to be opened until something fails. Then we panic and move to fix it. Right now, the spam filter is all manner of nonfunctional. I've got it circumvented just so that the email works at all. The odd thing is that it just stopped working sometime last week. *shrug* That server is insane. Then there's the continual disaster of Finals this week. And just to finish up the week, I have to go to work on Friday (don't worry fellas, I will be back in time to do whatever it is that we'll be doing, come Hell or high water) because I'm meeting with some people that would like us to adapt the Flash monstrosity to suit their purposes and I have to be there as the primary (and pretty much only) developer on the project to gauge the feasibility and how long it would take. <sarc> Gee, I can't wait to adapt the Flash monstrosity to do other things Satan never intended Flash to do.</sarc> (PHP is from Heaven, Flash is from Hell -- I'm using both.) That software tried to claim my soul several times already. But it looks like I'll have to go another round. And it still isn't ready for release to its primary market. I'm going to have a Flash-filled holiday break by the looks of things. At least these guys have the good taste to act impressed by it and flatter my abilities.


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