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Saturday, December 10, 2005

"I have a dog and cat at home...A vampire's not that weird."
Last night, we just goofed off. So we went drinking and rented a movie from Blockbuster, because I had a $0.99 rental coupon. We were looking for something mindless to run in the background as we played SPANC. And Sapph spotted Vampire Effect. He suggested it, because, after all, a Hong Kong cinema title involving Kung-fu and vampires was certainly something we could just put in and run. We were so wrong. Holy crap. Now I have to buy this movie. It was freaking awesome. Just totally ridiculous. It's in the horror section, but it's not horror at all. It's a crazy action/comedy, the sort of thing only Hong Kong has been able to produce well. It's even got Jackie Chan guest starring in it. The story's not great, but the dialog is a riot and the acting is excellent. It's just so bizarre. The part where the vampire prince is confessing to the girl he loves that he's a vampire is so funny I almost made myself sick laughing. In fact, the quote that forms the title is a line from that part. Rent this one, it's worth the money for a laugh. I've bought much more awful movies for much sillier reasons (like buying Hollow Man simply for its turning invisible special effect). Now I just have to find where I can buy it so I add it to my Christmas list.


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