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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Better than Good Fashion
Wow, I love my fashion sense now. Winter has finally come to Nebraska. Here in Omaha, it's still practically nothing, but my family in the rest of the state had a very rough time of it this weekend. Here it's just a little snow and the biting wind. For those of you who aren't Nebraskans, our wind works like this: 10 MPH is "calm", 20 MPH is "breezy." It's not "windy" until the gusts are hitting nearly 50 MPH. Wind-chill is more dangerous than the temperatures in the winter. But I'm dressed from the neck down in leather tonight, once I put my coat on. Those cows that gave their skins did me a big favor -- wind doesn't go through leather the way it tears through denim and other lesser cloth. Apart from my face and head (stocking cap just can't stop the wind either), the only way I could tell that the wind was blowing was that my pants were colder on that side of my body. This drives home more than ever that I need another pair of these things. They're simply awesome.


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