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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Puppies and Finals
Well, I've been through two of my three finals (the last is in two hours). The first one was even easier than I thought it would be. The second one, which was my first horrible math final, wasn't too terribly bad, especially for being a third of my grade. I did the calculations -- if I pass the test, I will pass the class. If I fail the test...well...the class doesn't look good either. I think it'll be the same for my other horrible math test. I've got some studying to do for it though; there are a few topics I've missed, and I have a feeling that they'll come up on the test. But I'm almost through, assuming I can get in gear and get the bloody documentation done for thesis. I will be so glad to be out of this hell. I'm looking forward to work as being relaxing, which says something.

The puppy's not set in stone, but the odds are much better than not. I talked to my parents (as I discuss every major purchase or event with them) and I knew they wouldn't have a problem when my dad's first comment (to my mother, who was the one who told him) was "At least he'd have to wake up in the mornings." Seriously, they're taking this better than when I got my earring, and they were pretty cool with that. I told my brother's fiancee that I was looking at husky puppies at the pet store, but I wasn't sure I needed to spend $900 on a purebred husky. Her reply: "Oh, but you do!" I will have no shortage of people willing to watch my dog for me, that's something I can guarantee.

I can always tell when I've convinced my parents of something. I'm a bit of a meddler, and I got it from them. So when they start meddling on my behalf, I know they're on my side. Sure, when it comes to looking for a girlfriend, they haven't been a whole lot of good; but part of that has to do with my absolute lack of time this last semester. Anyway, back to the puppy -- my mother somehow ended up in a conversation with a woman at the gym and found out that this woman has a litter of miniature huskies. Yes, miniature huskies. I've done some looking -- that could mean just about anything, honestly, since "husky" can refer to a breed (Siberian Husky) or a class (Alaskan Husky), and the Klee Kai is commonly mistaken for a miniature husky (it was originally bred as a sort of miniature Alaskan Husky). They're supposed to get about knee high, which is actually within tolerace (barely) for husky height, and if you were to mix a husky (of either sort) with a smaller dog (say a Shiba Inu, or something similar) you'd end up with "miniature huskies." These pups are going to be a handful -- their dam was killed in a fire when they were two weeks old and this woman saved them and has been bottlefeeding them. They're only about four weeks right now, and you don't generally adopt them out until eight weeks, which is okay, I'll need a few weeks to get ready anyway. Without their mother, I'm concerned that they're going to end up fairly dominant/aggressive; the mother is the first authority in a puppy's life and she generally keeps them in line. Fortunately, I'm the sort of person who could actually deal with a dominant dog. It's just not going to be necessarily easy to socialize them. Then again (since I don't know much about the situation) the woman could be with one of the Rescues, and then she could have a house full of dogs, so they'd actually be better socialized than a pet-store puppy, even without their dam. (I've been thinking about this too much.) Anyhow, my mother hadn't heard of miniature huskies either, so she figured they'd end up expensive, and asked about it. The woman's giving them away -- she just wants them to have good homes. She said she thought the males were all spoken for already, but I wanted a female anyway. Mom got the woman's phone number, and I think we're going to go look at the puppies on Monday. I'm so excited.

It's telling when I'm fairly convinced I can housebreak a puppy, and I'm not even too concerned about teething or barking. The howling...Well, I don't know how to deal with that, so I'll have to come up with something. No, my biggest concern is that I don't know anyone with small children to socialize the puppy with.

Well, it's back to the grind. I've got a test to prepare for.

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