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Monday, January 09, 2006

And in other, random news
And, because I'm bored and don't feel like doing anything productive or posting anything requiring deep thought, I'm going to regale you with some more random news from my friends.

I should mention that I got Sapph and Mal presents for Christmas. I got Sapph a collar and Mal a leash. I'll post photos if I can get permission from them. I think they're pretty cool, and the guys have been humoring me by wearing them a lot. In a way, I feel vaguely sorry for my future girl, because I'm (we're) certain to catch a reciprocal gift. I hope she doesn't mind photos with something like handcuffs and a whip. And, given my sense of humor, if they don't do it, I will, and blame it on--I mean, attribute, that's it, attribute it to them. Of course, anyone I'm attracted to will undoubtedly share my sense of humor and find it funny as hell also.

Luke is off in DC for a job fair. And therefore misses the entire first week of school. Poor guy. He also thinks he's going to get me to play Imperian. I'll admit, it's neat and tempting, but I don't like playing online games with other human beings and I don't have the time to dump into a MUD. But it would be fun to be some sort of wandering wolf-man tailor.

Congrats to Jamie. Looks like she's just acquired a boyfriend. I haven't met him yet, but he sounds like he's a pretty cool guy. It's a long distance thing, something that she's got experience with and is a bit leery of (not that I blame her, having some experience with that sort of thing myself). But if she feels it's worth a shot, then she's got my support.

We now know another way to rebut Jonathan's "I'm not easily weirded out" remarks. Me, I'd just use my coffee table (I'll grant he was sloshed the first time he saw the top lift up on it, but the "Whoa!" and big giant eyes were unforgettable). But Sapph and Mal discovered that the above mentioned leash and collar really freak him out. He says he doesn't mind the collar but he won't go out in public with another human being on a leash. I don't know if he thinks that Mal and Sapph lack the sense to not wear them when we're going somewhere that they're inappropriate (which is really silly -- they're almost certainly more in tune to that than the rest of us), or what. Personally, I think that he looks at the company he keeps (us) and blusters a bit so as to fit in. I'll admit, there are things that will weird me out, but Mal and Sapph generally keep themselves from exposing me to it and Luke is secretive enough to not want to demonstrate the weirdness he's seen. It helps that we usually see Jonathan as kind of harmless, even if we break him, but none of my friends have a good prediction of what would happen if they broke me. Of course, Fate seems to have decreed that I have to be violently thrust into virtually every situation that should freak people out.

Alan hosted a darn fine New Year's party. The batteries in my camera were dying, so I don't really have any pictures from it though. The "tetanus" cups (metal cups) were freaking awesome. I had to use them at the end of the evening mixing drinks for people (I'd run out of other cups). After managing to mix good tasting drinks for random folk at 2 AM out of the left-overs, I was bestowed the title of "Liquor MacGuyver." What's really sad about that is how proud I am of the title and how high of praise I consider it. Although MacGuvyer didn't drink. Oh well.


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