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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Chronicles of the Couch
Well, one of the suitemates moved out and took his nice couch with him. The new suitemate is one of maybe three people that I knew from high school, which is very cool (he's an awesome guy), but he's spent the last semester in Brazil (doesn't that sound cool?), so it's unlikely to get a nice couch out of him. And so it begins then. I had already known of my need for a couch for this summer and beyond, so I decided it was time. I have now purchased a very nice, full size couch. It's got a lifetime warranty on everything but the fabric, so the thing should last for nearly ever. It's out of Furniture Row Outlet, and is "Daytona" blue -- blue with yellow underlighting, it really looks quite nice. The salesman spoke often of the superior quality insisted on by the company founder, described to me as 6'8" and 350 lbs. In other words, a guy just like Mal. The couch is made by their company, which may explain the fifth leg, which forms a central column and should prevent the couch from sagging. I have purchased the sort of couch I was looking for -- one that I like the look of, am comfortable on, and yet should also support the needs of my enormous friends (why is everyone except Jason so much bigger than me?). They all got lucky, the couch has to be ordered in and delivered, so they don't have to help me move it -- this time. I'll post a photo when it arrives. They quoted me two to four weeks, let's hope it's on the short end of that range.

-- Update 4:00PM Jan 8, 2006 --
It looks like this only blue.


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