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Friday, December 23, 2005

Pants of Note
I should just make my leather pants into a regular discussion topic, seeing as how I end up talking about them so much. This last week, I engendered comments every single night I wore them. Saturday, we went drinking and Karaoke at Clancy's (I was pretty rough, but in my defense, it has been a while since I did any sort of singing in public) a woman asked me where I got my pants. I wish I could offer her a place, but truth be told, they were a gift from my Uncle and he didn't remember where he found them. She was after a pair for her boyfriend or husband, but a positive comment nevertheless. Sunday, at the Goofy Foot listening to the Jazzholes, a more or less house band who is very good at playing ambient jazz, the waitress commented on them, ("Nice Pants," she said, rubbing them). And then on Tuesday, playing Shadowrun at Alan's some random friends of a roommate had the best comment of all, "You...Your pants are worth noting." (that being the transitive form of "note" for anyone prone to misunderstanding).

Of course, I also got what I find somewhat less flattering comments on Tuesday. Peter, one of Alan and Sapph's friends who is back in town for Christmas, told me, "Brian, you look like something out of a gay wet dream." Then of course, he turns to Sapph for confimation. Sapph just nods vigorously. I already knew this one, having been informed of it before. To his credit, Peter then tried to separate the request from my person -- not that it would do any good. *sigh* You know, someday I'm going to have to make everybody eat their blasted words. My Fonz powers will finally manifest and I will be able to spontaneously generate beautiful women with a snap of my fingers.


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