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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"I call her Gladys, after one of the Sisters at school."
At long last, I have added the special edition of Sin City to my collection. And it is wonderful. I haven't watched all the extended vingettes yet (all but "That Yellow Bastard." I'm tired and want some sleep for once), but oh, they're great. Most of the sections that were cut were taken to make it shorter (127 minutes vs the uncut 147 total). I have to agree with Jamie, not having a "Play all in order" option for the uncut version sucks, but it's a small price to pay. I love this show so much. Granted, it's horrifyingly violent and my kids will not see it until they're 17 or older (assuming I can stop them...I know how good adolescents get at seeing things their parents would rather they don't). But I like it so much. The last time I watched it I noticed how all the pistols (.45 Colt 1911's) were from Springfield Armory, and how the characters kept them in Condition 2 (bullet in chamber, hammer down, safety on). Now, for the record, that's really stupid to do with a 1911, as the only way to put the hammer down is pulling the trigger. The 1911 is designed to go from Condition 3 (magazine in, nothing loaded, hammer down) to Condition 1 ("cocked and locked," i.e. hammer back, bullet in chamber, safety on) and nothing really inbetween, but this looks cooler and is easier than having them rack the slide all the time and most people won't be able to see them take the safety off. Also, for those in the know, it makes the characters more bad ass. This time I noticed something else. I noticed the tread on Marv's boots. He has the exact same boots as I do -- old style combat boots. My outfit has just gained a further +1 awesome, something I didn't think was possible. Just goes to show you exactly how those bonuses can stack. If I didn't have the extended error range on my Talking to Girls skill I'd be set. Blasted penalties. *grin*

Oh, the title is one of Marv's extended lines. If you like pulp (which I dearly love), go get this. It even comes with the graphic novel (SCORE!), so you can see what Sin City is like on paper.


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