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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Spycraft Report
This last week's Spycraft goes to show you how our group tends to do things. This week's episode, Colosseum, put them up against another Directorate team, 27, in an elaborate wargame, sort of like an Assault match in Unreal Tournament. My team decided to be on the attack. And they just went frontal. Smashed through the fence in a truck, dumped so much smoke that nobody could see anything and busted through the door. Where they ran into a sniper, Andre, and Maggie. Maggie would really have been more dangerous in hand to hand combat, but she was plenty scary with her Thompson submachine gun. At this point, my players are fighting with each other over tactical errors (that was a rather nasty shouting match for a bit), or despairing that there is no possible way for them to win. Then Alan remembered that he bought a jetpack and the core that they were supposed to plant a fake bomb on was in an open air shaft. Alan had bought this jetpack for the heck of it. He picked it simply because he didn't know what else to spend GP on, for no other useful reason. So they take Maggie down, Alan shoots down the hallway on a jet of flame, Steve positions himself nearby (and invisible, stupid Chameleon suit), and they pretty much just soak a lot of bullets from the sniper, while a 27's pointman/wheelman, Derry, comes from behind with a shotgun. Alan hovers down the shaft and starts firing at the armored glass roof of the chamber their target is in. Nigel, 27's fixer, and Iain, 27's two-fisted soldier (who will go Triggerman once he has the requisite character levels -- he's already got the skills and feats), get ready to open up on Alan. Which is when Steve pops Nigel with a Flashbang quarrel from his crossbow. Iain gets a pair of shots off, then Steve throws a flashbang grenade at his feet. Alan plants the fake bomb, and just flies out. They take out 27's snoop, Angus, who decided he should at least put in an appearance, in one single shot, then leave under the cover of more smoke. It was masterful. Plan B ("shoot things, then blow them up") all the way.

Of course, I realized later that there should have been one more enemy for them to face...But they did pretty well regardless. I was quite surprised. I thought that taking a rope down the shaft would be a good idea. I didn't even consider jetpacks. And then they all had gas masks, making a lot of the boobytraps totally ineffective. But 27 also did well, so I'm looking forward to bringing them in again later. What was even more impressive is that my players managed all this when my 20-sider was the hottest I've ever seen it in my life. It rolled 20's for two of the three players that borrowed it for a couple rolls, and rolled me about six 20's, and no 1's for me. It was insane. If it would do that when I was playing, it would be legendary.

I'm considering running a Colosseum: Redux in a couple weeks just to see how they'd work up against Team 13. Personally, I'd prefer to run Hoax with 27 complementing my team, but that's because I like 27 better than 13. Hoax, BTW, is a planned episode that will have my players either putting on a hoax or 'covering it up', their choice. It's really a feint move by the Conspiracy. Generating conspiracy theories to make the ones that are true seem more fanciful. Or something like that.


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