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Sunday, November 06, 2005

"Awaken the wolves; For my dreams have grown too quiet once again"
Well, it took weeks, but I finally got my ThouShaltNot CD! They're awesome. Great stuff. If you like synth pop, check them out.

I didn't get Spycraft going as I would have liked the other night. It just took too long to stat out another agent team to face my players. It should prove to be interesting. They're up against Directorate Team 27, or what I call "the UK team." 27 seems to be highly competent, though they're not the "freak squad" that my players have developed. I would guess that my players (team 23) are lucky they didn't get to face team 13 (I rolled randomly to see who'd they face). Team 13 features a mystic, a fringe-walker, a chemical monster (code-named Garou, so you can guess what sort of 'monster' he's like), and probably an avatar, a psion, and who knows what else. Team 13 makes my players look like normal human beings. *grin* I can't wait until they get to run into each other.

Also, you'll note that, as I promised, my photo is up for my profile. Sapph thinks I should have used this one, but I thought I'd rather look like a normal human being.

In retrospect, it probably wasn't a good idea to let Sapph take the pictures. Now I've got a batch of pictures and even a short video featuring my "below the belt" region. You'd think the presence of his boyfriend while he's taking these pictures might induce some hesitation, wouldn't you? Only there seems to be some agreement between them that Sapph is allowed to flirt with me and his boyfriend "like[s] to share." *sigh* And then I lack the intestinal fortitude to ask girls out. Why I only seem to have the amazing powers of "gaybait" is beyond me. It's like God's up there punishing me. Or pointing and laughing.


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