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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween Has Passed, But the Wolf Still Lives
Since Halloween got so busy, I didn't get to post this up then. So here it is now. This one is actually more of a song, but since I don't want to record me singing it for you, you'll just have to imagine the melody. Sorry it's short. I haven't gotten much chance to pour creative juices into this sort of thing.

Livin' for midnight,
Feelin' the full moon tugging at your soul.
Almost human but not quite,
It just takes a moment and the beast's in control.

So stay out of the moonlight,
Though the rest of the night's as dark as coal.
You never know you just might,
Become a killer when the moon is full.

-- BR, October 2004

See. I told you "affinity for werewolves" was a very weak description of it.


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