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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Unleash the Highway Morons
Gah! I just spent the a third of my commute from work driving 20 freaking miles an hour! On the Interstate! Half of the rest was between 10 and 30 MPH below the speed limit. Only 1/6 of the trip did I actually get to drive the speed limit. And it was all for NO DISCERNABLE REASON. I mean, I'd understand if there'd been an accident, or the police had pulled someone over, or something, but no, none of that. We were just driving 20 MPH because someone forgot how to drive. Might I add that this was all in the passing (i.e. fast) lane. ARGH.

Then I get back to discover that my stuff has been pushed all around my room and my chair has been cleared off for someone to sit in. And then there's the sign, "Thanks for not locking your door -- Steve and Patrick." Those guys have been joking about using my room for...private purposes for the past week. Of course, I was agitated enough that Steve decided not to continue with the joke and told me that they didn't actually do anything, which I'd pretty much figured out for myself. Well, I guess I'll know for sure when I check my camera next.

I'll put up a report on last night's Spycraft (it was an amazing stroke by my players) after I've calmed down. Until then, I'll be in the bar, drinking. I'd drink to forget, only I can't do that. Alcohol doesn't make my brain stop working. So I'll just drink myself into an apathetic stupor to the point where I stop caring if Sapph and Patrick feel me up, that way at least somebody gets to have some fun tonight.


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