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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And the Sacrifice Begins
Merry Christmas, all, even if you don't necessarily celebrate it yourselves. *grin* Enjoy your time with your loved ones, and if you don't have any of those, well, here's hoping Santa can deliver a few. *wink*

A thought on Christmas occurred to me. We (speaking as "Christians") always speak of the miracle of Jesus' birth, the joyful songs of the angels, the wonder of the shepherds on Christmas. But we've long missed something -- this is the beginning of God's sacrifice for mankind. This was one of the most difficult events to ever transpire -- God had to "empty himself" and be born a human. For Jesus, this was the farthest He had ever been from the Father, since before there was Time. And from God's perspective...This was His Son, His most precious one. And He was giving Him up, sending Him to Earth to save humanity. This Earth is a war zone between good and evil, we are the soldiers, we are the objectives, and we are the casualties. God sent His Son to us, to our joy, but away from Him and into war. And He knew His Son would die fighting for us. I can't understand this feeling. The only people who I think can are those who have done the same. This Christmas, remember the families of our brave soldiers, for they have a glimpse at God's love. A love willing to give their sons and daughters and spouses up to a place of fighting, betrayal, and death, willing to endure the separation from them; all for the sake of others.

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