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Monday, December 10, 2007

Back from Tennesee
Well, I'm back in town. I think I'm going to start insisting on layovers which are two hours or more for return flight. Once again, my hour-and-a-half layover was turned into me running across the terminal. We had plane troubles -- the anti-skid went out, and since it was snowing in Chicago, they weren't going to fly in a plane with broken anti-skid (can't fault them for that one). Fortunately, I didn't miss my connecting flight entirely, because they were all on ground hold for a while as the worst of the storm blew through. Ah, well, it all worked out. Though I would have been okay with a night in Chicago. At least I would have probably gotten a better hotel than the one I stayed in for the auction.

The auction itself went very smoothly from my perspective (which paved the way for me to go to more of these things; and the next one's in Florida *grin*). After spending a couple hours getting the wireless network up and making myself a nice list of things that I'm going to need to have for the next time (especially my USB drive), everything was pretty much good. I spent the rest of that day and almost the whole auction standing around uselessly (or as I prefer to put it, "supporting the network infrastructure through positive thinking and exuding confidence"). My last day I helped run reports, which at least had me doing something. But everything went smooth, and I got paid quite well. (In fact, it looks like I'm getting paid quite well twice. Tagon would be proud.) I've also got a list of problems to resolve, but I was expecting that and they aren't, right now at least, my responsibility to fix.

My dog was something of a monster for my cousins, though. She tore up their kitchen floor. Fortunately, they'd been planning to replace the floor anyway (they already had the new flooring), and she's devastatingly cute.

One last thing of note -- I had some bread pudding while I was out there. Oh, Lord...It tasted like angels ought to taste. So I've got some recipes that I'm going to try out. It was just amazing, and I'll be quite pleased if I can replicate it.



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