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Monday, November 19, 2007

I've been depressed again lately. I don't know why, just been stuck in the deep dark recently. Loneliness again, at least for the most part. It'd help if my little pup-dog didn't express her love by biting me and barking in my ear. Or tearing up everything she can get her teeth on, particularly if it's expensive and doesn't belong to me. She ate another DVD from Blockbuster yesterday, and this time she actually wrecked the DVD and not just the case. *sigh* A dog is not a very good stand in for a girlfriend, unfortunately. Even a cute one that's mostly sweet like my little girl. And for some reason, I've had really bad heartburn today.

The boss says that we're going to be moving into the new building at the end of the month. There's just a few problems -- the rooms aren't painted yet (the plan is to do that in the next week, especially over Thanksgiving weekend, though I have to go home, so I won't be involved in that) and there's no wiring for the network either. The network cabling falls to me, so that's what I'm up to. I need to talk to the boss and see if I can bill some of these hours. It'd be nice to get something back for the eight hours I spent there today, and the time I'll be spending in the next couple weeks. It's not so bad, but it's slow going, especially by myself. It shouldn't take too long though, I got eighteen cables run today, and we're only doing what's absolutely necessary for the time being. With any luck, we'll be almost ready when we move in. Of course, we probably won't actually have Internet access when we move, which is going to make our work very difficult, so life's going to be interesting for a while.

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