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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Status Update
It's been a bit since I've written. So let's see where am I? Work has been okay, the long trip to KC at the beginning of the week wasn't really all that much fun, but we did get the customers up and going. So that's a relief anyway. I've been listening to a lot of Panic! At the Disco and Lords of Acid. I'm not sure why, but obscene spoonerisms like "Farstucker", the title of one of LoA's albums, continue to amuse me. I'm thinking that I'm totally boned for this project. Not working on it enough -- so I'm doomed. For those of you who've been wondering about the comic, I have to apologize. I literally can't work on it. I'm missing my scanner driver disc, and without it, I can't scan anything in. I may have to go back to completely computer generated at this rate.

Here's my angry rant for this post: Everyone, I know you find your blog-length away messages amusing, but honestly, if I wanted to read a full page of semi-offensive idealology-soaked text, I could always just do it on your blog. For those of us who don't share your ideology the huge away message, which you continually forget to turn off when you talk to us, is tiresome, especially since, because of that forgetfulness, we have to read it again and again, not just the one time when we mouse over your name to check your status and wonder what you're up to. The away message is not some sort of soap box, that is what these stupid blog posts are for. The away message is there to inform your mildly curious friends what you might be up to so that, if they need you, they can get ahold of you. Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, if you want me to take on your idealology here on my soapbox, I sure will -- just let me go get my hobnails.


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