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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Proving Nothing's So Bad It Can't Get Worse
Wow. I mean, just, wow. The Palestinians, who have so far shown a truly remarkable incapability for responsible self-governance, look like they're going to quickly run themselves into the ground now. You may be aware, they recently elected the terrorist organization Hamas, whose only major goal is the absolute destruction of Israel, to pretty much become their government. I can see why they'd be tired of Fatah, but seriously folks... We're talking about an organization where one of the electees has been nicknamed 'Hitler.' *sigh* So most of the world is pulling funding. Good. Maybe after the bastards have no money, no hope, and no point, the Palestinians will figure out how reality works and they can start to become viable as a possible nationstate. If you think I'm being harsh, check this out. Yep. I particularly like this part, where they associate co-education with suicides.
He made it clear that one way Hamas planned to encourage the next generation to follow sharia was to revamp the Palestinian education system, separating girls' and boys' classes and introducing a more Islamic curriculum.

"We will take such measures because we look at examples in the West, like Sweden. They have the highest level of co-education and the highest level of suicides," he said. "We would like our children to have a protected environment. We don't want any distractions for our boys or our girls."

Then again, since blowing yourself up isn't suicide as long as you take some Jews out with you in the minds of these folks, they must have a pretty low suicide rate... ARGH The words I want use to refer to these personages aren't fit to write, even for on the Internet. They're not quite at the level of Iran's "Please convert my country into a big glass parking lot" President, but they're high up on Avvy's "Deserve to be Beaten Within An Inch of Their Lives by Obsidian-Studded Two-by-Fours" list.

And this part makes me laugh out loud.
"We are centrists, we are against any kind of extremism..."

Does anyone actually believe that statement? Now, in context, that's supposed to be about establishing religious police (the Happy-Fun-Time Brigade, as I call them), but it's a pretty wide generality, so I think I can safely mock it outside of that strict context.

If there was only some way to get the bastards to all kill themselves and leave behind the decent folk. Then we could work a "two state solution." Right now we're looking at a "one state and one lawless bloody region solution." And the Palestinians look like they're doing their best to deserve it.


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