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Saturday, January 28, 2006

So Very Tired
Ugh... I really wish I could survive on maybe 5 hours of sleep. I could get so much done then. I could get into work on time (as I did not yesterday and did today), get all my homework done, and still manage to spend too much time in Imperian, my current game. I tell you, this is the first time I haven't minded playing with random people on the Internet. Maybe it's just because the discussion doesn't peak at "im gankin n00bs lolz" and in fact a person speaking like that would be treated as though they were insane...or just kicked off outright. It's refreshing and fun. Though it's really sad when you have dreams about playing a MUD. With the terminal and everything. Just really sad.

Apart from my newfound addiction to text-based goodness, I have really little else going on. I haven't heard if my thesis proposal was accepted, but I suspect it will be. I just hope I'll be able to pull the thing off. I'm building a voice command interface for these little robot things that all the new engineers get. And I'm doing it from scratch. Yep, I'm probably doomed. I'm still waiting on my couch. I'm evidently 33rd in line in the entire country to get a sofa and the company's starting to wonder why I don't have it yet too. At least that's what I gather from the phone call I got from them a couple days ago.

Mom just had neck surgery. She had a compressed disc in her neck, or something along those lines, and it was giving her terrible shoulder problems. She came out of surgery just fine and says that her shoulder is already starting to feel better. Here's hoping it's fixed for good.

Sapph's still wearing the collar I got him for Christmas. He probably doesn't realize how much I appreciate him humoring me. Jonathan's still majorly freaked out by Mal's leash. *grin* I'm so glad to help bring some bizarreness to the world. He was wondering last night why nobody told him anything. I told him it was because he'd just freak out about it. He then agreed with me that that was probably it. Whether he will remember this is questionable. He decided he needed reasonably drunk again.

And speaking of last night, the Spycraft went pretty well. We finished up Hoax and everybody (or just about everybody) leveled up. I'll have to start working on the haunted house episodes soon then. I think they had fun. I just wish it wasn't so hard to keep everybody involved. There's also been some concern that I need to get rid of all the non-players, since they tend to just distract my already short-attention-span-endowed group. We'll see. I don't have as god-like control of everyone that I or others would sometimes imagine. That and I don't want to upset anybody, which leaves me tight-rope walking between all the folks that aren't very fond of each other. We'll just have to see what I can pull off.


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