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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Say goodnight, dopplegangers!"
According to one of Luke's friends, who lives in California, Luke has a doppelganger. But not just any doppelganger. She went down to San Fran late one evening with a friend (this alone raises sanity questions, but I'll let them slide *grin*). Long story short, they consumed vast quantities of water, soda, and caffinated gum. With so much fluid and diaretic in their blood stream, they required the use of the facilities, so to speak. And discovered that gas stations in Twin Peaks (the SF suburb they were in) didn't have bathrooms. They got desperate enough that they stopped at a gay bar. And she saw Luke's doppelganger. In fact, she thought it was Luke -- until she noticed said doppelganger's current facial interaction with a big black guy. They left rapidly at this point and their story continues with a stop at a lesbian bar. Luke's friend then gets hit on by a pair of bull lesbians (not the term used, but I'm going for tact here), who were the very stereotype of their kind. She says she's now got numbers and business cards, at least one of which is for a bar she believes of highly questionable status. Anyway, Luke's got some kind of gay doppelganger in SF.

Makes me wonder if I've got a gay doppelganger. And if so, maybe he's having trouble finding dates, but has women falling all over him. And if that's also true, perhaps we should meet and exchange powers. Sure, that's a lot of if's, but one never knows...


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