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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No Rest For the Wicked...Or the Engineer
So very tired. Last night, Sapph ran into a problem on one of his finals (he's got a slightly different school shedule from mine, and his finals are this week). He had put some 13 hours of work into it at school and was going to finish it up at home, before class the next day. Then it is revealed that the DVD he had to burn his files on was DVD-R, the only supported discs for the computers there, and he could only read DVD+R. This would be roughly 2:30 in the morning. So I had him come here, where my DVD+-RW would be able to handle the disc and I could send the files to him over the network. He gets here around 3:00 AM. That would be fine, except then he had trouble reading the file (I could read it, so we figured he was missing some codec or something). So we massaged it for another hour-and-a-half. Finally, at 4:30, we got everything going, and I finally got to go to sleep. But I don't get to nap today, no. First there are classes. Then I have a paper to write, a lab to create for my students (I'm the teacher's assistant in a lab this semester), and a test to study for. Looks like it's going to another late night. I think I'll just set myself on fire now.


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