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Monday, February 19, 2007

Prepping For Failure
I've been busy lately. If only I'd been busy doing homework. This week is going to do bad things to my grades -- fortunately, each of these stupid math assignments is worth almost nothing. I did a stupid thing and finally bought a PS2. Yes, that means I'll be reclaiming my copy of Guitar Hero soon. So far, I put eight hours into Okami, a couple into Dynasty Warriors 4 and one into Ghost In The Shell (the new one -- though I should see if I can get farther in the old one than I have). Did I mention I just got the PS2 on Friday? Though I've been thinking, if you were to make a game like Black & White, only in the style of Okami (the games are similar enough as it is), that would make for one awesome multiplayer game. Okami is also gorgeous. Amaterasu makes for a very pretty wolf. Okami is one of very very few times that I'll admit the 3D cell-shading effect not only works, but looks good doing it. Ordinarily I hate the look, but they obviously put a lot of effort into Okami, and it shows. Outside of cursing at the thumbstick because I have to draw circles all the time, I've also evidently been giving Sapph the sort of dreams that seem great until you wake up, and then you realize it was a nightmare.

I went to see Ghost Rider last night, and it was great. How could a movie about a guy with a flaming skull for a head go wrong? Honestly, it was an anti-hero movie (which I like a lot) that was pretty dark in nature, but they kept the jokes fast and strong to keep the attitude from desending into weepy emo-land. It doesn't hurt the cause that I happen to be a Nic Cage fan. Tim Buckley doesn't seem to agree with my assessment of Ghost Rider, but I'm going to suggest that perhaps he is one of those guys who likes Spider-Man and watching Marvel make a complete mockery of science using a character who is a Papa Roach song and a Livejournal account away from wearing black and slitting his wrists. Seriously, I liked '70s era Spider-Man because he was witty. Lately, Spider-Man is mopey. And I don't really like Tobey Maguire. He's a good enough actor, but he's way more soft-spoken than I like my heroes. It's like Harry Potter -- I remember what high school was like, thanks. I hated it, and don't want to have my escapist fantasy trap me inside it again. Making it so that the hero can't approach women either doesn't really help me relate to him. Being as I'm a guy who already accepts responsibilities, the Spider-Man clap-trap isn't so appealing. On the other hand, Ghost Rider is a vengeance story about second chances, and playing the cards you're dealt, even if it's a bad hand, to win the game. Beating the odds; those are the stories that interest me. Oh, that and crushing the forces of evil using a flaming chain as a whip. That's cool too.



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