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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Av's TwoKinds Resolutions
I've been wasting more time on the TwoKinds Forum than is probably wise. It's got the camaraderie that I remember from the Imperian Forums, only without all the flaming bile, which is one reason why I don't spend much time there anymore. That and the fact that I haven't played Imperian in a long while. The forum's been a source of great amusement to me, particularly when one user predicted the brain-shattering moment that Februrary ninth's comic featured. I'm still drooling. Apologies to those offended, but I'm a lonely guy with a penchant for wolf-girl furries and a deep respect for Tom's abilities as an artist. I am unabashedly a Natani fanboy. My only complaint is that he waited to update until just after I got to work on Friday, so I couldn't gawk properly until Saturday evening (I went home Friday to get new lenses, and wow, it's nice to be able to see without a peeling scratchcoat rendering everything foggy). I should also mention that one or two of the forumgoers have been here (I linked myself, somewhat embarrassingly, in a discussion on religion) and I received the high praise of having respectable arguments. That's actually not sarcastic at all, I do consider that high praise. I spend a lot of time formulating the reasoning behind what I believe, and to have that respected by someone that I have at least some measure of contact with but doesn't know me personally is really something. One last note before I launch into the point of this post: Keith's nosebleed reminds me -- at some point in Deviant Paradigm, it'll be necessary to mention those. Av being human from something like our Earth doesn't get them like that. So he will undoubtably make a comment like, "Where I come from, our nasal capillaries are a bit more durable. And besides, the blood has other places it would rather be." Yes, I still intend to use my blog a place to make private jokes that no one on the forum (and fewer people on the wide Internet) will actually get. If you don't like it, too bad. Anyhow, without futher ado:

AvWolf's TwoKinds Resolutions

Please note that I may or may not do any of the following things on this list.

I resolve that
  • I will stop referring to Natani as, "That hot bit of tail that Keith is doing his best to keep out of his pants."
  • I will stop humming Lords of Acid songs, especially Rover Take Over, whenever any of the pairs of characters are together in a room alone. (Need I mention that those lyrics, like most by LoA, are extremely explicit and NSFW?)
  • I will stop referring to Eric as, "The Grand Furry Pimp Master."
  • I will stop shouting "YEAH BABY! HIT THAT!" at the monitor whenever one of the female characters has her backside appearing in a panel.
  • I will stop drinking shots every ten minutes past when I wake up that it takes Tom to update the webcomic. (This only makes sense when you realize that TwoKinds usually updates around a half hour after I wake up; yet another thing to appreciate about the comic).
  • I will stop drinking shots every time the webcomic goes up as a form of celebration.
  • I will stop writing drunken love notes to Tom and/or any of the characters in the comic.
  • I will stop dancing my absurd happy dance whenever I look at or think about February 9th's comic, especially when I'm in public. (You remember the dance, don't you, Sapph?)
  • I will quit camping Tom's Deviant Art account, waiting for him to accept commissions again in order to purchase, at lavish expense, a series of images not appropriate for consumption by minors, or really anyone.
  • I will stop going off on a tangent about TwoKinds in every conversation I hold with anyone.
  • I will cease writing fanfics that involve Flora and any form of plumbing appliance.
  • I will stay out of the arguments on the forums concerning exactly how long Flora will remain pregnant beyond "dramatically appropriate."
  • I will stop checking the forum every five minutes whenever I am near a computer.
  • I will stop writing blog posts entirely about my lastest furry webcomic obsession that no one will get or care about. <grin>

I think that's about it for this set. Time to get back to work on my Number Theory homework. <shudder>


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