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Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Hope you like the Shadowlands, Silent Man. You've lost this time!"
Wednesday we finished up the Haunted House in Spycraft, at long last. There's just one problem: I'm not sure I can top this one. It had so many cinematic moments. Honestly, it was one massive role-play adventure -- there was very little combat in it. But it produced comments like the above one, and I had the characters going insane (literally -- Johnny spent some time mumbling to himself about things not making sense) or scared out of their wits. Then at the end we had that tag line, a banishment ceremony that ended with a "Fifth Element"-esque burst of incredible light, Brick shot a keeper (think zombie) in the face then blew the door open with some primer cord Donovan happened to have, and Johnny ran out, fell to his knees and shouted "The clean," then the house promptly collapsed behind him. Then most of the group just dropped from exhaustion. While I'm worried that the Silent Man was a bit too easy to deal with, he did have pretty constant Willpower 20 saving throws battering the players. Apart from that, it was spectacular. Even better, the mission started to pull the curtain away from the cracks in the Conspiracy, which'll leave the characters ready for the Season Finale. There's one more adventure before we do the season finale, a little romp in the middle of nowhere in Nevada, field-testing some new equipment. I think everybody enjoyed themselves. I just hope I can do as well with the season finale. Especially since I've now got them at the point where they'll draw guns when they hear children laughing. I've got my work cut out for me.

And Thursday I turned 23. So far, not much has changed. I guess we'll see if this year is any different.


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