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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Moving Status
Well, I've moved to my new apartment for the summer. Now all that's left is some settling in and finish moving out of the boxes. I'll try to post some pictures once I'm done. Now I'm left to deciding when I want to do my moving party. If any of my friends have an opinion, leave a comment.

I'm still without the Internet at my new place, so all my Online stuff is done at work. The drawback to this is that I can't really not do my work in favor of MUD'ing, so Loenar is taking a long journey out of the realms. I keep checking messages, and it looks like the guild decided he needed a promotion -- I've gotten three guildfavors in the past couple days. And I haven't been around for any of those days. I'm going to stop in after I clock out one of these days, at least to get the rent paid on my virtual apartment.

Anyhow, it's back to work for me.


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